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well you click the compose message thing and then u send the message to who ever you want for free

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Does Matty B have text plus?

No maddyb does not have text plus cause there is a way to look up who has text plus and he is not on the list

Do you need Internet to use text plus?

Yes. You will need internet to text using text plus.

Is text plus only for the iPhone?

Text Plus is for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Can you get text plus an android?

Yes, text+ is available over Android search for text plus app on android.

What is text color in c plus plus programming?

C++ has nothing to do with the text-color.

Does Demi Lovato have a text plus?

No Demi lovato does not have a text plus everyone on there pretend to be her but it's not her

Can you text from iPod touch?

yes if you want to text get text plus but you need wifi to text

What is the difference of text plus gold and text plus silver?

Text Plus gold Cost: 4.99$ No adds Choose your preferred phone number. Text Plus silver Cost: 0.99$ Adds, but can be removed for a cost of 2.99$ A random number is given to you. (But does it really matter) So text plus silver is cheaper if you don't mind being given any number. But Text plus gold might be on sale. Make sure to check.

What is text plus?

text plus is an texting app that you dont have to pay bills for it is for free dumb asz

Do you have to have an app to text on ipod touch?

Yes, there is text plus or text with voice you can find in the app store

What is the free texting app for your iPod called?

Text fee Textme Text now Text plus

How do you make text plus make a noise when you get a text from someone?

Go to settings, notifications and then click text plus and it will say sounds, alert & badges and click all 3 of them on

How do you read a text file in C plus plus?

Use an input file stream (ifstream) object to read a text file.

Why can't i send picture messages from text plus and receive them?

You have to upgrade to text plus silver in order to send and receive picture messages.

Does Harry Styles ever go on text plus?

According to a number of tabloids, Harry Styles has been spotted a number of times on Text Plus.

Can you text for free on an iPad?

Yes! There is plenty of apps for you to text off. You can download Text Plus or you could even use your Google Account to text for free!

Can you use text plus in your computer?

No you cant.. but you can use yahoo messeger you can text call and chat

Can the ipod touch text?

yeah get the apptext plus

How do you text people with iPod touch's?

Get the free app Text Plus. You would need wifi though.

What is better HTML or text?

Of course, it's HTML! HTML can do anythink that text can do plus more! Can text make a radio buttin? Can text make a drop-down menu? No, and again no! HTML Text

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