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On a ps2 you hold L2 and o (circle) to throw and alley make sure that someone is near the rim. To call for one i think you do the same thing. Read the manual to make sure if your not.

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Q: How do you throw a alley-oop on nba 2k6 on ps2?
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How do you dunk and do alley-oop's on NBA 2K6 for PS2?

All u got to do is press L1 and 0 and the same time.

Will NBA 2010 be on PS2?

NBA Live 10 is not out for the PS2 and will not be released

How do you throw an alley op to yourself and then dunk it in Nba live 08 ps2?

You probably can't in a game but in a slam dunk contest you can.

How do you get Michael Jordan on NBA 2k6 on ps2?

For psp you go to the STREET FullCourt 5on5 then choose mj in the player pool. Michael Jordan is playing with the 90's East All Stars in this game. So you can play as MJ if you pick 90's East All Stars

Where can you get NBA live 10 for ps2?

Not a PS2 game and is a PSP PS3 and Xbox 360 game You can get NBA Live 09 for the PS2

Is barry bonds on MLB 2k6?

Yes he is in the ps2 version. I do not know why he was not in the other versions but i know ps2 got hammered for having Barry bonds in it. I'm pretty sure it is because he is not in the player's association or something like that, but they accidentally put him in ps2

How do you continue a season from the baseball game for PS2 called major league baseball 2K6?

you have to save it first, then when you want to play it again just load it

Is Michael Jordan on NBA live on ps2?

No...he is on NBA 2k11.

Will there be a NBA 10 on ps2?


Is NBA jam for PS2?

Yes it is.

Will NBA 2K11 come out for ps2?

yes it is and MJ on the cover nba 2k11 for ps2 will be 29.99 coming out in 10/5/10

How do you do the penalty shot on NBA 2k11 ps2?

It's a free throw. All about timing pull back the right analog stick and and flick forward. Timing is key.