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How do you throw a punch?

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with your hands=)

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Who can throw a faster punch Jet Li or Bruce Lee?

Bruce lee can throw faster punch.

What is a throw punch?

The baddest punch of all punches first you throw like you're throwing a rank baseball with all your might then you knock em out with the punchiest punch you got

Throw when you need it?

A punch. A party.

How do you throw a punch in boxing on Nintendo Wii?

I punch and punch, but the Mii just stands there! It's so frustrating!

Can they sue if i throw the first punch?


What do you have to do to punch?

you can "punch" or you can throw a real punch i would most recommend to go to a boxing gym so you learn to punch the most athenticated way

How can a boxer increase their punching speed?

when you throw a punch do not just throw a punch when you do you will need to curve with your hips which makes the punch faster and much stronger don't just train at home i recommend going to a boxing gym to learn to throw punches and a lot more

How do you falcon punch?

Pressing B when playing as Captain Falcon will allow you to throw his falcon punch.

How many muscles does it take to throw a punch?


Did rihanna throw the first punch?


How to throw a karate punch?

You don't 'throw' a punch, you aim it carefully. The proper technique is very difficult to communicate with words. It takes a long time to learn the proper way of executing a solid punch with lots of power behind it.

How do you get points in a kickboxing match?

punch, kick, and throw combos

When you throw a punch does your biceip contract or relax?

The bicep relaxes during the throw (the outwards motion) and the tricep contracts. MORE: If the arm/shoulder moves backwards in the lead up to the throw then the bicep might contract during that backwards motion (in anticipation of the throw). This can give greater force to the punch but might "telegraph" the punch to the target. However the bicep is relaxed during the actual throw - it is the tricep that contracts to straighten the elbow joint.

How do you throw the bomb King in super Mario 64?

With the button you use to punch you go behind the bomb king and punch him in the back of him. You will lift him up and then you press the same button again and you will throw him.

Why do boxers make a sound when they throw a punch?

Because my young and confused friend when you throw a punch you want to breath out and with that mouth guard and all that saliva it makes a slooooosh sound so there you go.

What to say when a guys says What is up with the hook up?

Maybe,but you throw another punch line I will punch you! From rockey 950

What is horse abuse?

When people throw things at the horse and punch/hit it.

Where did Scott Sanborn go?

Rumor has it that he was fired for his tendency to throw tantrums and punch walls.

Does karate include your hands?

It would be difficult to punch, grapple, block and throw without them.

How do you throw a deadly punch?

just make your dick horny and put your best swing at it

Who would win wonder woman or wolverine?

The wonder woman. Because she just rides her jet and make it crash on wolverine. If it doesn't work just throw a lasso warp it tightly so he can't escape then punch,punch,punch and punch till hes dead.

How do you beat the whole shukaku in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3?

jump to his face and punch and throw weapons.

How do you gain self-confidence in a fight?

You just act like you not afraid and throw a punch as hard as you can.

How do you make your penguin vomit on Club Penguin?

either throw snowballs at it or punch it multiply times in the balls

What is a haymaker punch?

A very wide, looping punch intended to throw as much bodyweight as possible behind a punch. Can cause a KO if it connects, but this depends on your own power, the ability of the man in front of you to take a punch, your accuracy (no use if you punch the cranium), and the structural integirty of the punch - i.e. if you make a bad fist and your wrist isn't straight, you're just going to hurt yourself.