Which is better Karate or Judo?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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judo and karate are two different things, each one has its advantages anddisadvantages.

In judo you have to throw people to the ground. In Karate you can punch and kick.

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Better?...Better for what? It depends on what you are asking. Karata is better than judo for punching and kicking, judo is better than karate for grappling.

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Q: Which is better Karate or Judo?
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What one is better for self defence judo or karate?

In one on one unarmed situations JUDO In multiple opponents or if your attacker has a weapon, KARATE But, just for your information, there is no better martial art than others, it really depends on the skill.

What do you call winning a point in judo or karate?

judo - ippon dont know about karate though Same thing in Karate, ippon.

What are the importance of judo and karate?

Judo and Karate are important because of the advantage it gives you in self defense, discipline, and control

What has the author Nagayasu Ogasawara written?

Nagayasu Ogasawara has written: 'Textbook of judo =' -- subject(s): Judo '[Karate]' -- subject(s): Karate

What is the better fighting style judo or karate?

all styles differ from one another and no style is better it all depeds on your personal skill level

What has the author Eric Dominy written?

Eric Dominy has written: 'Teach Yourself Karate' 'Judo, self-taught' 'Judo from Beginner to Black Belt' -- subject(s): Jiu-jitsu 'TY KARATE' 'Judo throws & counters' 'Judo; techniques and tactics' -- subject(s): Judo

What is closely related to tae kwon do?

karate and judo

What are the similarities of judo and karate martial arts?


What are the main differences between judo and karate?

The sport of Judo involves more hugging or grappling. The sport and practice of karate is more of a striking fighting style. Karate can be said to have the most emphasis on hand movement.

Was Barbara Eden a karate backbelt?

Her Black Belt is in Judo and she also studied Jujitsu and Karate.

What sports do Japan play?

Karate, Judo, and Sumo wrestling

Does Sean Connery do judo?

yes he does he also does kyokushin karate