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How do you tidy your room?



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I know tiding your room isn't very fun but it has to be done.

1.Make your bed.

Take everything off your bed and remake it stat with the sheets, then blankets and

then your pillow. You can add any other things like toys or cushions.

2. Pick up everything off the floor and put on your bed and put them all in piles like: papers, toys, clothes. Keep everything there until your done.

3. Go through all your boxes.

Once the floor is tidy take out everything from your boxes onto the floor. Then label your boxes. Next put the things that were in the boxes in the correct place.


Pick all the rubbish that was on the floor and put in in a pile out of the way of everything else. When your finish you can put this in the bin.


I bet there is a lot of clothing on the floor or on the end of your bed. With this you need to decide if it is clean or dirty. Put all your dirty clothes in a pile near your door and the clean back in your closet or your dresser.

6.Things on your bed.

Remember back at the start when you put the things on your bed. This is when you put it away. If it needs to go in the boxes or your desk. Put it there.


Now that everything is in its place you can clean the windows, vacuum the carpet and dust.

I hope this helped!