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How do you tie my hair without a rubberband?


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Make a bun, divided into two under the bun, insert half of the bun. Finished ;)


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MY hair? I don't even know you, so please, don't try to tie my hair, with hair tie or without.

you get a foot of string and a rubberband. you tie a knot on the rubberband. get a plastic spoon. you stretch the rubberband to the rop to the end. you spin it to make sound.

Use a hair tie ( a hair tie is and elastic silly.) Stick a couple bobby pins in it.

who invented the first hair tie? who invented the first hair tie? who invented the first hair tie?

hair, stick,and a rubberband

Ingredients for a perfect ballet bun without pins: Hair gel Hairspray Many rubberbands (no scrunchies or uncovered rubber bands) Bun cover Comb So this is how you do this. First spray hair with hairspray. Then comb hair. Then tie a ponytail with two rubberbands. Again spray hair with hairspray. Then wrap ponytail around itself and tie it with a rubberband. Keep tying until there are few or no wisps. Spray hair with hairspray. If there are any wisps (bangs, bun wisps, etc.) put them back with hair gel. Lastly, put the bun cover over the bun.

Grab all of your hair, then make a hole between skull and hair, then push all of the hair through.

You grab a brush and pull back your hair and then tie it with a hair tie or rubber band.

Take your hair with your hand and take a hair tie and tie it into a pony tail .

Stephen Perry patented the rubberband in 1895.

Rubber band is two words unless you are T.I. "Rubberband Man"; Trademarked - Rubberband™ & Rubberband®; or Copyrighted - Rubberband©

1. Comb your hair so it is know free 2. Tilt your head down and gather all your hair forward holding it in a big bunch 3. Once you have lifted your head back, tie it with a rubberband. The more you tie it the better it will be. 4. Get a wide comb and slowly and carefully comb the front of your hair. Start from the baby hairs then carry on bringing some hair forward at a time 5. Once you have go some hair at the front of your head, push that hair to the side making it into a fringe. 6. Lastly, get a nice headband to bring the hairstyle together!

An hair tie is "un élastique à cheveux" in French.

Waitresses should tie their hair back to prevent their naturally falling out hair from getting in customers' food.

When working in the kitchen you tie your hair back because your hair is constantly shedding and you dont want that in the food.

Ribbons have been used to tie hair throughout much of history. However, the modern version of the hair tie originated in 1900 with elastic headbands. In 1986, the scrunchie hair tie was invented by Rommy Revson.

Horse isle chat riddle: Hair Hair tie (or hair band), hair loss, hair dye

in the mid 1920's, mary lesswall smith invented the hair tie to tie back her long hair. because she was so clumsy it always got in the way. her invention caught on quikly.

You can tie it up loosely, but make sure you wait for your hair to cool down, so its not warm when you tie it up, otherwise it will get a kink in it.

She ties her hair up whenever she needs to think hard and without distraction, so she does it very often.

Using wire hair tie feels alright when tied to your hair but it feels quite uncomfortable when you wear them on your wrist.

not if you want a dent in your hair when you take it out...

small hair rubberbands small hair rubberbands

The hair tie is made up of small peices of elastic covered in soft and strechy fabric sewn togather.

No, but you can tie it back in an elastic band and then wrap a strand of hair around it to make it look like it was tied with your hair. You have to secure the hair strand under the ponytail with a bobby pin.

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