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Depends on the type. Quill-type stems have an expander bolt pointing towards the fork which regulates height and alignment, then there's a pinch bolt which holds the handle bar in place.

Aheadset type stems have pinch bolts at the back which locks them to the steerer tube and faceplate bolts at the front which holds the handle bar in place. Then there's a top cap that's used to set headset bearing preload.

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No way of telling straight off. check out for repair tips.

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Q: How do you tighten a stem on a bike?
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How do you tighten the suspention on your Yamaha tt-r125?

you can get someone to do it or just tighten or loosen a few bolts on the bike

Where is handlebars on the bike?

Above the headset and they are connected to the stem

When the handlebars on my bmx turn my tires don't so what should i do?

Tighten the stem

How do you tighten chain on 08 kx 65 dirt bike?

yes it is

What holds the bmx bike and handlebars together?

The forks go through the head tube and headset, the stem anchors the fork and then the bars attach to the stem, so the answer is the fork and stem.

How do you tighten spokes on a ATV?

you cant tighten spokes on an ATV, they have solid aluminum or steel rims. but you can tighten spokes on a dirt bike by getting a spoke wrench and tightening the nipple at the end of the spoke closest to the rim.

How do you tighten d drive belt on a quadzilla 500 quad bike?

get someone who knows and get a life

How do you tighten a 3 piece crank on the donny Robinson hyper bike?

Pop the cap out of the center of the crank arm and tighten with a 14mm socket. Replace cap when done.

Does moving the wheel back on a dirt bike tighten the chain?

I'm afraid not brother. I'm afraid not.

Can you add a gyro to a racing bike if you change most of the front parts forks stem etc?


Can the slack on a crf100 dirt bike timing chain be adjusted?

yes little nut on side lossen then tighten screw

Can you use any bmx stem on any fork?

only if the stem will work for the fork there are two kinds of forks 1 inch have what is called a goose neck stem. which you can find some low end mountain bikes and also little kids bikes. then there's the regular stem which has to be tighten down on the fork itself it doesn't go into like on the goose neck stems but if you get the right stem for the right fork it will work if you still don't understand my explanation theres alot of bike shops that will also show you the difference