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but seriously, that's why God invented timing lights. Shine them on your crank pulley. The manual with the timing light should explain things better

remove rubber plug from transmission bell housing located on drivers side .start the engine and warm engine to normal operating temperature (failure to warm up engine to proper temp will result in incorrect timing) after warming engine make sure that idle is set to spec 800 +or-50 rpm (failure to set idle to spec will cause incorrect timing) connect timing light to spark plug wire number 1 .now looking at the bell housing opening where you removed the rubber plug in the middle towards the back of the opening there is a notch this is your timing match mark.on the flywheel is your timing marks for 86,87 samurai timing should be set at 10 deg b.t.d.c


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2011-12-21 07:29:00
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Q: How do you time 1987 Suzuki Samurai?
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