How do you torture an older sister?

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1. talk to the boys she likes
2. tell embarissing stories to her friends and stuff (baby pictures lol!) ex:...used to pee her bed idk...
3. or just talk to her and work everything out...its great having an older sibling, you can learn alot from them and they give good older/twin sister is my best friend...but idk lol

Why are older sisters mean?

Because when they're feeling down they need to make fun of someone to feel good about themselves. They like the feeling as if they're in a higher position than someone because it makes them feel good. They feel as if they could just boss younger sisters because they're older. They like seeing that t ( Full Answer )

Why are older sisters so annoying?

Well I have two older sister and I think it is because they are so jelouse of you and they show it through teasing you but think of it as a privalidge cause you probably get things that they want so you can tease them by using all the things they want and you got they will calm down after that. t ( Full Answer )

How do you say older sister in Spanish?

"Older sister" in Spanish is "hermana mayor". It is pronounced "air-MAH-nah my-YOR". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation:

Why are older sisters so mean?

because like they know their older they start to boss u around n say bad stuff.Like my big sister she says things to me but in spanish like pee face n stupid and more.N like she don't know inglesh much i say bad thing in front of her when she says stuff to me and the reason of them being so mean n r ( Full Answer )

How do you prank your older sister?

Well lets see..... it depends how far you want to go with pranking her. do somthing like trashing her room really bad and like flippping her bed or somthing. It all depends how old she is or how easly she gets mad.

What is Older sister in Korean?

Unnie is what a younger girl would call a older sister. Noona is what a younger boy would call a older sister.

Does Britney Spears have an older sister?

Britney Spears does not have an older sister. She has an older brother named Bryan Spears and a younger sister named Jamie Lynn Spears.

Why does my older sister hit me and my younger sister?

Your sister is wrong to hit you. Ask her why do you hit us? If she's way out of hand tell your parents, a guardian or a relative that can help you and your younger sister but get help as quick as possible.

Did Charles Dickens have a older sister?

Dickens was born in 1812; his siblings were: . Alfred Allen Dickens (1813-1814) Dickens' younger brother who died in infancy. Letitia Mary Dickens (1816-1893) Dickens' younger sister, Letitia married architect and artist Henry Austin in 1837. When Henry died in 1862 Charles secured a governmen ( Full Answer )

How do you get rid of your older sister?

Ok well i have a solution, but try to improve it, im really young: Get two really energetic kids that have black belts, give them plastic bottles and 5 dollars each, now wait till the morning after reading all of this, set your alarm clock to 6 o clock, when you wake up get the kids and get them to ( Full Answer )

Does Adam Gontier have an older sister?

No, Adam Gontier does not have an older sister. He has a younger brother named Christian and a younger sister named Katelynn.

Did Cleopatra have a older sister?

Cleo only had a younger brother whose cohorts tried to have her murdered several times so he could rule alone. This of course did not happen, as Caesar pout her on the throne to rule by herself and have the brother banished and send to his room!

What do you do when your older sister is verbally abusing you?

First you should evaluate how your treating her, and be sure your not provoking the abuse. Second, let her know how it hurts your feelings. If you don't think you can talk to your mom & dad about it, speak to a school consoler or a trusted teacher. This is a hard question to answer not knowing the e ( Full Answer )

Does Justin Bieber have an older sister?

No. Justin Bieber only has one younger half sister named Jazmyn Bieber (nickname Jazzy), who was born on May 30th, 2008. There is NO Abbie Bieber or any other older sister.

What do you do to get back at your older sister?

Well it all depends if you want to do something bad to her or scare her or embarrass her! 1) If you want to do something bad to her then put marbles on some stairs then when she walks down them she will trip. 2) If you want to scare her then put something that shes afraid of on a computer monitor. ( Full Answer )

What are good gifts for an older sister?

you say oh what your fravroite thing or while there out take a look and you might find somthing they like or just get a picture of yourselfs

How do you deal with older sister?

If you are willing to go to jail, then there are many ways, watch a couple of horrors for inspiration. A good sister prank is the one where you pour water on her face at night and then peg it back to your room, pretending to sleep! XD

How do you call older sister in Arabic?

I got this from a website, hopefully it works. شقيقتها الأكبر سنا If this is wrong, blame the website

How do you say older sister in Filipino?

Tagalog translation of older sister: Nakatatandang kapatid na babae. Note: Ate (ahh-teh) - this is how the eldest sister is called

What are pranks to play on your older sister?

well before i went in to my fridge and found a half eaten strawberry creamcake so i got a knife and scraped out the cream then i went into the bathroom and got shaving foam and squirted it in and gave it to my older sister it was halarious hoped i helped

Why are older sisters annoying?

older sisters love you. so they henpeck you. get used to it. they will never change ;) yeah they love you

Did the osmonds have an older disabled sister?

No but they do have 2 older brothers, Tom and Virl who are totally deaf. They were both born deaf. However, on many occasions, they participated on many Osmonds shows both on TV and live events, the last being, as far as I am aware, on The 50th Anniversary Shows a few years back. From very young age ( Full Answer )

How do you get revenge on your older sisters boyfriend?

Sometimes your older sister's boyfriend can be really mean to you, and that can really get you steamed. So, here are some ways to get revenge on him. 1. If he brings something, hide it. Once he starts asking, wait until he's not looking then put it somewhere really simple where he can find it. This ( Full Answer )

How do you bug your older sister?

Really it depends how bad you want to bug her, first you could hide her makeup you could take her phone and text her friends. filling her pillowcase with marshmallow is always fun..... taking the door off its hinges..... when she sleeps paint her face........ stuff like that.

Who was Annemaries older sister that died?

Lise was Annemarie's older sister but died after the war at a car crash and that she later had been took to the the hospital where she died an hour later oh and guys go to youtube and: 1.type brace yourself {not the songs} 2.WATCH IT NOW.

How do you make your older sister like you?

I, personally, am an older sister. I love when my younger siblings listen to me and actually have real conversations with me. It makes me feel special.

Was Hitler's sister older than he was?

Hitler did have a sister, Ida, who was older than he was, but she died in childhood. His other sister, Paula, who survived childhood, was younger than Hitler. Hitler also had a half-sister, called Angela, who was 6 years older than him, from his father's second marriage to Franziska Matzelsberger ( Full Answer )

How do you get your older sisters to be nice to you and to get you to be nice to your older sister?

You basically just answered your own question there :) .. I have an older sister and we always fight, but I noticed that when I am nice to her, she is nice back. I mean, I can't tell you how to be nice to your sister, besause I don't know her, but next time she's in a bad mood and snaps at you or so ( Full Answer )

How do you get your older sister to be nice to you?

treat her like you want to be treated. if you2 have totaly different personalities you will eventually find something in common. i have an older sis to, she's 6 years older than me and we aren't exactly alike, she's crazy about shopping, she's always best dressed..and I'm not realy like that but we ( Full Answer )

Why would a older sister be jealous of her sister?

because maybe her sister has a boyfriend and she doesnt, or better hair, or bigger breast. there's multiple reasons. just be happy with you and the life you have. jealousy is a waste of time.

How do you say older sister in Navajo?

ádí-- someones older sister shídí --my sister nídí - yours hádí one's nihidí -- their or ours bidí -- his / her/it's and more... "older sister" is one of those words in Navajo that can only be in the possessive. The marks over vowels are high tone marks ( Full Answer )

How do you get your older sister to listen to you?

to get your older sister to listen to you... is difficult, but don't yell she won't listen. Be understanding, and yes i have an older sister so if you are about to blow, i know what you are feeling. its hard but try... try to agree with her and be nicer

Are Louis Tomlinsons sisters older then him?

No they are not, he has five, Lottie (14), Felicite (Fizzy) (12), twins Daisy and Phoebe (8) from his mum's side, she is called Johannah (Jay) and step-father Mark, they are now separated. He has sister Georgia (13) on his biological father's side .

What is the best way to torture your sister?

older~ bug her all the time and if she wears makeup tell her shewears to much oryou know somethin like that younger~tell she cant do certain things cuz shes to young and dolittle things that would bother her cuz shes smaller