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How do you trade from HearGtold to Black before finishing the game?

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You cannot transfer pokemon from HeartGold to Black until after you finish the main part of Black. Do note that you will be transferring pokemon from HeartGold to Black, not trading pokemon between the games.

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No you can't trade with black to diamond but you can trade from diamond to black using the poketransfer lab. (you will have to have beaten the game before you can use the poketransfer lab). Hope I helped this is luke127 signing off.

Yes, you can do it. (P.S. I have done it before)

Yes, you can trade between Pokémon Black and Pokémon Black 2, all you need is the C-Gear in both games before you can trade however Pokémon with newer forms in Black 2 such as Keldeo, Kyurem, Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus can still be traded between Black 2 and Pokémon Black but you cannot trade them while they're in their new forms.

you can trade pokemon from heartgold to black but you can only transfer the pokemon in heartgold not trade it from black

you can trade Pokemon from white to black and from black to white

You trade by using the IR (Infrared) section on the Gear on the bottom screen. Before you trade, you have to get each others Friend Code that is also in the IR section.

only in Pokemon white before fighting N. in black you have to get one via trade.

there is no way you can trade mail on pokemon black

You cant trade pokemon soul sliver to black or any game you could only trade black to black or white to black

Trade from white and if you have white trade from black for tornadous

You can never trade Pokemon from Black to Platinum, because Generation V Pokemon do not appear in Platinum or any other game before Black and White. However, you an transfer Pokemon from Platinum to Black after you beat the game.

No, but you can trade Pokemon only in HeartGold to Black

you can transfer Pokemon from Pokemon platinum to black and white but you can't trade from black to platinum

The British held a monopoly on Chinese trade before the demands of free trade.

it says link trade, but it just means trade.

i have done that myself before! But, the problem is that if you want to trade with yourself and one of the game cards is Pokemon Black, the other Pokemon game card needs to be Pokemon White or Pokemon Black again. Hope I helped :)

You can trade it from Pokemon Emerald. In Pokemon Emerald, when you find Rayquaza, there is a small chance that it is shiny when you find it. Save the game right before you fight him and keep trying until it turns black. Then catch it and trade it to Pokemon Diamond.

you don't, you only can trade from platinum (and others such as Soulsilver and Heartgold etc.) to black white)

well you have to beat the game to trade it over to black or white you have.

You cant trade or cummunicate with anything but black and white until you beat the game

On Route 15, there is a little trailer right before you leave and in there, a lady will trade you a rotom for a ditto.

You trade it from white to black.

yes you can. you can trade with any balck/white game.

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