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How do you train your Pokemon quickly?

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Just put it in the first slot so it will be the one that comes out when you throw the pokeball, and keep your strongest Pokemon in the other slots so if it faints then you can get out of the battle quickly. Another way without battling is to put them in the daycare and ride your bike around in circles. (tip: you can buy some repel to keep track of your steps) That will get their level up.

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How do you evolve Pokemon on HeartGold quickly?

train it

How do you train low leveled Pokemon quickly?

I am not too sure.

How do you level Pokemon up quickly in Pokemon pearl?

You can train a Pokemon that does not belong to you and get more exp. Or you can catch the Pokevirus.

What is the Quickest way to train in FireRed?

Have a Pokemon that was traded to you then have the Pokemon hold a lucky egg and start battling your Pokemon will level up very quickly.

How quickly can you get Pokemon to level100 in ruby and sapphire?

you have to train for a month or give a bunch of rare candies

How do you get Level 100 Pokemon In Pokemon XD?

train... train...TRAIN...

How do you EV train a legendary Pokemon?

Train it as you train all pokemon.

WHERE CAN you train Pokemon in emerald?

You an train Pokemon in the grass

How do you get through Pokemon diamond quickly without using a cheat device?

you just catch and train alot of pokemon.Hope it helped!

Where do you train your Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Train at victory road

How do you train Pokemon?

you train Pokemon by letting it battle other Pokemon or you can feed it rare candies.

What is the best way to train Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

train, capture other pokemon, battle.

How do you get your pokemon at lv 100?

Train, train and train!

How can you train your Pokemon quickly?

one way to train fast is to find a specific route of trainers that are strong for your Pokemon plus if your Pokemon can easily defeat these trainers it gets easier. Now if you want a level 100 Pokemon fast another way is to trade that Pokemon to another game and train it in that game. The fastest way to train a Pokemon to level 100 is to trade it and have it hold a lucky egg this item will boost your experience a whole lot! To get a lucky egg catch a lot of chansey's or get one from Pokemon xd gale of darkness after doing the Pokemon translator quest.

Which is the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Vortex?

there is no rarest Pokemon you have to train and train and including shinies there is no real rarest Pokemon at all.

How do you quickly level out your Pokemon?

Pokemon LevelBattling with the trainers or using too much Rare Candys also u can give the Pokemon u want to train an exp share.also put the Pokemon u wanna train in front then battle.on the first turn switch it to ur strongest Pokemon then kill the Pokemon.they will both get exp. rewpeat as many times as liked.thanx

Where can you train your Pokemon for the elite four on Pokemon emerald?

u can train u Pokemon in mt.coronet bottom floor

How do you level up quickly on soul silver?

Get a Lucky Egg and attach to the Pokemon wanted to train and get a Pokemon with frisk ability and fight chanseys and if it says Lucky Egg Capture the chansey and there you go

How do you train Pokemon to lv100 if you haven't beat the Pokemon league?

train like heck

What is the fastest way to train your Pokemon on Pokemon XD?

go to the mt battle and train there

Where should you train Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Every pokemon has a different type. For example u train electric type pokemon in water terrains.

How can you be a Pokemon trainer?

To be a Pokemon Trainer, you have to own and train pokemon.

How do you evolve a Magikarp in Pokemon indigo?

train it train it

How do you quickly train Pokemon?

The quickest way to level a pokemon up is to trade it to another game, and then begin to level it up. Traded pokemon have a multiplier that calculates with the experience points gained in a battle. You can also obtain the item, lucky egg.

Where is the best place to train dragonair?

train at elite four with exp.all but just take ur best Pokemon and the Pokemon u want to train so there will only be two Pokemon in ur Pokemon slot.