How do you transfer Pokemon from FireRed and LeafGreen versions to Sapphire?

simple: trade them you noob

you must beat the elite four and get the national pokedex before you trade with Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

(most Pokemon look different from leafgreen/firered on ruby/sapphire/emerald. It makes trading funer, I find)


beat firered or leaf green and trade with Pokemon coloseum. then trade the Pokemon from coloseum to sapphire. note: you can do this by yourself with a gamecube-gameboy cable.


In fire red and leaf green you have to get to cinnabar and when bill asks you if you want to go to the 3 islands and say yes. When you get to the first island go to mount ember and go through it until you find the ruby. Go back to the kind of big Pokemon centre and give the ruby to bills friend. Note:(in order to get to islands 4,5,6,7 you have to beat the elite four with at least 60 Pokemon and you will unlock the national dex but that's later) when your heading uo to mt ember you will see 2 rockets and you will hear them talking battle them and go through mt ember and get the ruby which i talked about earlier. There is really nothing on island 2,3 so head back to the boat and when he asks you where you want to go say other and pick island 4. In order to get the sapphire you have to beat all the rockets which are spread around island 4,5,6,7. I can't remember if it is on island 4 or 5 but there is an icefall cave, go through it and get hm 07 waterfall go outside and use waterfall and fight the rockets up there. After there defeated leave the ice cave and i think it is on the 5 island go to the rocket hideout and battle the rockets around there. once done head to the 7 island and keep going down, fight all the trainers and you should see like a little dome with braille written on it. The braille reads "cut". So use cut and the door should open. Note:(if you havent fought and beaten the rockets on island 1,4,5 there will be a scientist in front of the door, and oh ya i forgot to say after you beat the elite four and get the national dex go back to island 1 and the rockets will battle you again and they will leave allowing you to go into the cave... which there is nothing in) Now go inside and you will be in a cave with holes and a thing that reads braille. The object is to go into the right holes and you will end up in a different room. there is 4 rooms in total. Im not sure how to read this braille but is is fairly easy to get by. If there is 5 braille letters that means "right" so go in the right hole. If there is 2 braille letters that means "up" so go in the up hole. And same with down and left. Once you get to the end you will see the sapphire. Go over and press A but before you grab a scientist will come and grab it and he leaves telling you the other password allowing you to get into the rocket hideout on island 5. Go inside and it is like a maze. It is fairly easy to get through. The items here are nothing special but if you want all Pokemon grab the upgrade which allows you to get porygon2 through a trade if you give the up-grade to porygon. Now back to the sapphire once you get to the top fight that last rocket and he will give you the sapphire once he is defeated. Now go back to the the 1 island give bills friend the sapphire. Now he has the ruby and the sapphire which makes the machine work allowing you to trade to ruby sapphire and colesseum. Also this opens up the cave to mewtwo at cerulean city allowing you to catch the strongest Pokemon in the game. I hope this information has helped you, good luck!


Answer write first make sure you have the rainbow pass. then you make sure that you have completed the pokamon league on ruby or Sapphire. then you trade with a link cable!!!