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Play the DVD, with the player connected to a VHS recorder, hit record.

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Q: How do you transfer a DVD to a VHS system?
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What is a good method to transfer VHS to DVD?

There are several good methods to transfer old VHS to DVD. You can put the VHS video onto a computer video editing program and make a DVD from there. You can also connect the VHS to a stand alone DVD recorder and transfer from there.

How do you transfer DVD to Vhs?

Play the DVD, with the player connected to a VHS recorder, hit record.

How do you transfer a vhs to DVD?

The easiest way to transfer a VHS to DVD would be to buy a VHS to DVD converter. You can find one anywhere where electronic devices are sold such as Best Buy, Amazon, and eBay.

What year did the DVD replace the VHS?

ANSWER: VHS came before DVD's, VHS's are videos that contain film to play inside of VHS player. VHS also need to be re winded to start from the beginning. DVD's came later, DVD's are a disk that don't need to be re winded at all can have multiple language and subtitle's depending on what you want. DVD's can be played in portable DVD players Converting a VHS to a DVD requires special equipment because VHS tapes are analog and DVDs are digital. A video transfer service can perform a VHS to DVD conversion for you. At StashSpace.Com the transfer is just $6.95.

Should I transfer my prerecorded VHS tapes to DVD or hard drive or just replace them?

Transfering your VHS tapes to DVD is a great idea.

can video home system cassette be played on DVD player or there is separate player to play it?

VHS cassette systems can be played on a player that has both DVD and VHS systems. The VHS player plays only VHS. The Player will not allow a DVD to be loaded into a VHS system. Summarizing, A DVD\VHS video player has two units which operate independent of each other.

How could one do a VHS to DVD transfer?

Someone can do a VHS to DVD transfer by using a number of video conversion software suites that are available for free or through purchase. These software allow an individual to capture and record video clips from a VHS tape using a capture card. The software then converts the VHS video clip to DVD.

Will a VHS to DVD recorder help me convert my VHS tapes to DVD media?

A vhs to dvd recorder may help you conver your vhs tapes to dvd media if you have the right system. I advise you to check with the salesperson before you buy anything.

How to transfer files from VHS or DVD recorder?

Transferring VHS tapes to DVD format is possible through the use of companies that do it professionally, or through specialized equipment that takes the information from a VHS tape, digitizes it on a computer, and then the information is burnable onto DVD.

Are you able to transfer VHS to DVD using a combo unit?

Yes on some models, most are just DVD players and VHS record,Sony's RDR-VX560 DVD recorder/VCR combo has the ability to record DVD's.

Can you transfer VCR to DVD and how much does it cost ?

There are many businesses that transfer VHS tapes to DVD's, which is great for storage and longevity. If you have the time, however, a great option is to purchase a converter (available online for $100 or less) that will allow you to do any VHS tapes you have on your own.

Where can I take my videos to be transferred?

There are some online stores they provide transfers from VHS to DVD, like Also you can go to the specialized trade or buy a combine player, that can record to DVD and transfer to VHS.