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How do you transfer files from a computer to a usb drive?


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Just connect the device on the USB port and right click on the file to be sent and select the usb location.

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Use a USB Memory Stick/Flash drive to store the files.

if they are both connected to one computer just copy and paste otherwise you have to use a USB to transfer

Plug it into one of the USB ports, have the computer find it than download the files from it to the laptop.

Plug it into a USB slot on a computer and simply transfer the files.

The best way to transfer files from computer to computer is USB flash or CD. USB flash is better because its cheaper and there are more memory inside.

If the files are still on the USB drive, you can open them, even though they were never saved to the actually computer. The USB drive is a portable hard drive, plugging into your computer gives you access to view what is on the USB drive without having to save them to the actual computer.

If you have the songs on your computer already in mp3 form then relatively easy. Just use a usb cable to connect your mp3 player to your computer then go to my computer then click on the usb drive and open your music folder. Highlight/ select the files you want to transfer then drag the files into the usb drive folder and wait for the transfer. Remove usb safely by right clicking on the drive file and selecting remove safely.

there will be a usb file typically with a usb picture next to it in the files you drag the photo files you want from your computer to that file and it will transfer it

A window will pop up after a few seconds of inserting the USB drive into the computer. You pull up the folder that has the file that you want to put into the USB drive and drag the icon into the folder that popped up when you inserted the USB drive.

1. plug in the USB drive to your computer 2. go to my computer and click on the USB drive file 3. take the files and right click on it and go to send to..and click on the USB name

A external usb jump drive. Plug it in, open to view files, paste your file there. Plug it into the computer, view files and copy and paste it in your documents

Plug the USB drive into your iMac, then open the file folder to view the files. Also open the folder that has the images you would like to transfer. Click and drag from the computer folder to the USB drive folder. If you'd like to leave a copy on your iMac, just right-click and select copy, then paste it into the USB drive folder.

The easiest thing would be to use a USB flash drive, or a compact disk. Just copy the files you want to transfer on to the disk to flash drive, insert the storage device into your other computer, and copy the files from the storage device on to your new computer.

get a psp-usb cable attach to the top of your Psp and then your computer usb slot, it will then be in your computer, there you can access it

If the two computers are on the same Network, you can setup File Network Sharing on the computer that has the files to be transferred.Depending upon the size of the files to be transferred, You can use a USB Flash Drive to transfer files form one computer to another.If the files are large and you need to transfer files to and from each computer, You can use a Portable Hard Drive.If there are Many computers on the network that need the resources of many files, You can use a Network Hard Drivewhere it can be centrally located so all the computers can store and receive files from.

A zip drive works by transferring files from computer to computer. The drive is placed into a computer's USB port and files can be copied onto it.

Thumb drive, or pen drive are all types of memory stick. USB memory sticks are used to copy, store, or transfer files on a computer. They replace the use of floppy disks.

Transfer using usb flash drive..very easy..can be slow on older computers

The fastest way to transfer files from your computer to an external hard drive would be with a firewire cable. They are much faster than USB cables.

You can do this a few different ways: 1. You can drag the files onto the USB Flash Drive image, which will be located on your Desktop; 2. You can open the USB Flash Drive and drag files into its window; 3. You can open the folder your files are in, then drag the files onto the USB Flash Drive image located in the "Devices" section in the Finder window.

The easiest two ways to transfer your files would be via a data backup or via a USB to USB cable, which will connect the two systems for simple transfer.

In order to transfer a movie from a PC to a USB flash drive, you will need to attach the USB drive to your computer. Once you find the movie file on your PC, you will need to select the file and either paste or drag it to the USB drive.

they make cases you can buy that plug into your computer via usb you can buy them at best buy or what ever local computer store is near you

There are several possible methods: 1. Burn a CD on the Windows 98 computer with the files you want to transfer. 2. Purchase a USB Flash drive and drag files from the Windows 98 computer onto it. Then plug the drive into the Vista computer and drag them back. 3. Share a folder over a network connection. 4. Use floppies.

If you are using an emulator which allows you to access the drives on the main computer (e.g. Oracle VM virtualbox): 1. Insert a blank CD or a USB memory stick and assign the drive they're in to the emulator. 2. Copy the files onto the CD or USB. 3. Remove the CD or USB and de-assign their drive from the emulator. 4. Reinsert the CD or USB 5. Copy the files from the CD or USB onto your host computer If you are using a different type of emulator there may be another way, but I am not aware of it.

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