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The exact method to transfer from a sim card to a Motorola V551 phone will vary depending on the carrier. If you staying with the same carrier, there may be a way to transfer the contacts by visiting the store. If you are switching carriers, you can try backing up the information to a hard drive and transfer contacts to your new phone once it is established.

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Q: How do you transfer from a sim card to a Motorola V551 phone?
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How do you enable a sim card on a Motorola v551 phone?

Open the back of it then take out the battery and enter the sim card Booyaka 619

Motorola Rizr LCD screen has died and you want to transfer the sim card-can you transfer it to any phone or does it have to be a Motorola brand?

the sim card from your Motorola rizr can be transfered to any phone that is a phone that your network provides. (i.e. a sprint sim card cannot work in an at&t phone)

How do you transfer sim card information from a nextel i880 Motorola phone?

transport traffic

How do you transfer music to micro SD card for Motorola phone?

put it in your computer and drag the music to the folder

Where is the SIM card location in a Motorola W315 wireless phone?

where is the sim card location in a motorola w315 wireless phone?

How do you transfer photos from your Motorola phone to laptop?

Use either a suitable USB cable to connect the phone and computer together - or a card reader.

Can you use your sim card from your V551 in the PEBL U6?

Yes, you can see the SIM card in your pebl phone model U6. If you open the back of the phone and take out the battery, it should be there.

Does Motorola Droid X have a SIM card?

The Motorola Droid X does not have a SIM card. The only slot in this phone is for an SD card.

Can you put old Motorola sim card in new Motorola phone?

No reason why not - the old SIM card should still work.

Where is the SIM card on Motorola v325?

on back of phone

Can you use the Sim card from an i760 phone on any Motorola phone?


How do you transfer a SIM card from a Verizon Motorola 265 phone to a Verizon RAZR phone?

SIM card is usually accessable under the battery. Remove the battery and there you should see the card. I am not familiar with either phone but that is generally how it is done But Verizon does not have sim's cards. Y-THINK-Y

How is the memory card installed on a Motorola V6 mobile phone?

The memory card on a Motorola V6 mobile phone is installed by a simple process. One removes the shell, and there should be a place for the memory card to be put in its place.

Where is the SIM card on a Motorola bk70?

The SIM card is located on the back of a Motorola bk70. If you take the back cover off, you will see the SIM card towards the bottom of the phone.

How do you transfer pictures from your Motorola razor v3m to a computer?

"How do you transfer pictures from your Motorola Razor V3m to a computer?"You can buy a Micro SD memory card. Install it into your phone. Use the instructions in your manual that came with your phone, page 22-24. You can transfer your pictures from your phone to the memory card. Then remove your card and use an adaptor to insert the card into your computer. You might need to have a USB Memory Card reader if you don't have a Memory Card slot on your computer. And then you can transfer the pictures off of your card onto your computer. Or you could use the adaptor and put it into your photo printer and print the pictures directly. The instructions will tell you how to install the memory card, how to format it-if that needs to be done, and how to copy and move files between the phone and card. Razors don't have SD card slots, so you will need to purchase software that does this - lot's availale online, but it is not free.

Does i930 use a sim card?

The Motorola i930 does indeed have a SIM card. Motorola recommends a 128KB SIM card for the needed information. Several carriers feature this phone including Nextel.

Will your vodafone sim card work on an unlocked Motorola phone?

If the phone is unlocked you should be able to put any type of sim card in there as long as it is a GSM phone with a sim card slot.

Can you transfer pictures from a memory card to a Samsung impression?

Yes, you can transfer the pictures from the memory card to a computer. Then transfer from the computer to the phone using the usb data cable that came with the phone. If you do not want to do that, you can take the memory card (not the sim card) out of the phone, find an adapter and connect it to your computer directly. Then transfer files.

How can one unlock a Motorola Q mobile phone on the Verizon network?

One would and can unlock a Motorola Q mobile phone on the Verizon network. One way to unlock the Motorola Q mobile phone is to buy an international SIM card from Verizon.

How do you transfer phone contacts from your Dash to your Curve?

A person can transfer Sims cards from one phone to the next to transfer the contacts. A person can also transfer the contacts to a SD card, then put the SD card in the new phone and extract them.?æ

How can you transfer a Text Message from your Motorola V360 phone to your computer or sd card without having to waste money forwarding the messages?

Try BitPim. It's available for free at

What type of cell phone is the motorola i580?

Motorola i580 is a high-end phone which supports a megapixel camera and microSD memory card slot in a ruggedized clamshell body. It is an old type of flap phone.

How do you transfer numbers to another phone?

option 1 - retype the phone numbers, which is slow option 2 - move the SIM card from the old phone to the new phone option 3 - go to your cell phone carrier and ask them to transfer it (they have computer programs that can transfer the phone numbers from your old SIM card and your old phone's memory to your new phone SIM card)

How do you transfer music from your old phone to new phone?

You transfer music from your old phone to your new phone is to take your Sim card out of the old phone and put it in the your new phone

How do you unlock Motorola v3?

You can unlock a Motorola V3 by requesting an unlock code from your service provider. You will need to supply them with the phone's IMEI number. Turn the phone off, remove the battery and SIM card and put another SIM card from an alternative network provider into the SIM card slot. Turn the phone on and enter the unlock code when prompted.

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