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The Motorola RAZR line is a series of mobile and smartphones designed by Motorola. The design during the height of its popularity (circa 2004) was a razor-thin (hence the name), clamshell look. The brand came back around 2011 as a smartphone series. The first versions were again razor-thin, this time as a touchscreen slate design.

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Motorola RAZR

What is the unlock code for a Motorola RAZR Z3?

Even if your friend or relative had a code, it wouldn't work. The code is unique for every phone. You can pay online to have it unlocked(pay specifically to lookup your code), however you can easily do it yourself for free.

i accedently locked mine, while messing around with it, and now i cant unlock it.. guess I'll have to take it to att so i guess they can atleast help me with it...:( ;( );

Motorola RAZR

How do you transfer music from your computer to a Motorola RAZR V3 phone?

You can't unless you have the new Moto RAZR V3i, which isn't out yet. The current RAZR has no MP3 player.

Motorola RAZR

How do you repair a Motorola Razr when the screen goes white and you can not see anything but it still works?

Follow these steps and you will never have a problem with the screen again. It takes about 15 minutes.

What you will need:

1. canned air

2. Q-tips

3. rubbing alcohol

4. a piece of tape (i used duct tape)

5. a number 6 torque driver (its the little star looking skrewdriver)

Remove the back cover and the batter. Remove the little piece of plastic behind the battery (it will be black or white depending on your model). Remove the 2 skrews that hold together the bottom half of the phone. Pull that piece gently towards the top of the phone to release the tabs that are holding it at the bottom. There are 2 cables attached to the motherboard one is for the keyboard and the other is for the display. Dirt and corrosion on these connectors is causing the white screen or other display issues. Clean the little gold contacts with alcohol and blow out and dust and dirt in there. you will notice a little spring board that sits behind the connectors. bend a few of the springs up just a bit so that it will apply a little more preasure to the connectors and hold them in place better. Now hook the connectors up andput the whole thing back together. before you put the battery back in you need to put a piece of tape over the exposed cable. this will hold it in place better and keep it from wiggling around when you open and close the phone. Your problem is solved.

People say take out the battery but that only works because the battery sits on that cable and it wiggles it a little when you mess with the battery.

Motorola RAZR
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How-to connect H700 bluetooth to Motorola RAZR?

with the bluetooth in off position (switch back), hold down the center button until the color changes to pink, quickly flip the bluettooth on and the light will remain on. It will ask if this is the correct bluetooth. You answer yes/no. It will then ask if you want to pair it, answer yes, then it will ask for the password. put the password in and it should be connected.

Motorola RAZR

How do you fix a Motorola Razr that fell into fresh water and won't go on? don''s broke....if you take of the back where the battery is located there should be a little white circle...if it is any color other than white ( then it is not fixable. :(

  • I had a black razr that fell into the washing machine. I took the batteries out of the phone, put the phone in the freezer. I know about the red/white dot on the back. Yes mine is red because of the water damage. The next day my phone turned right back on. It worked for a good four months until I dropped it back in the sink. But my point is take the battery out right away. There might be a chance of it working. Mine worked after going through a complete laundry cycle.


Take out the battery, leave the back off and lay the cell phone on a paper towel with the circuit board facing down. Do not attempt to use it until it is completely dried out. Make sure both battery and phone are completely dry before you reassemble it. Should work fine.

This happened to mine also. put it in a jar full of rice fully taken apart. let it sit for 2-3 days,and it will work again.

Motorola RAZR

Is the Motorola Razr V3 a better cell phone than the Palm Treo 650?

Both the Motorola Razr V3 and Palm Treo 650 have captured consumers' attention. These two phones are different in many ways. The Razr v3 is a tremendously popular cell phone (with a camera) while the Treo is a PDA Smart phone with it's own loyal Treo users. They are both classics. Further information about Motorola Razr V3 and Palm Treo 650 is available at The Motorola Razr V3 and the Palm Treo 650 appeal to two different kinds of buyers. Razrs have broad popular appeal to individuals who care about their image. Buyers of Treo 650s are not at all shy about their Treos nor their images either. Treo users feel though that they deserve and require more than a slim cell phone. Treo users need a Smart phone because they are power users in most cases. Razr users just want a great phone that functions at an exceptionally high level and is amazingly stylish. Research and development for the Razr v3 phone was a tad out of the norm for Motorola. Most of the work was done at a downtown Chicago innovation lab known as Moto City rather than at Motorola's research and development center. Motorola sold over 12.5 million Razr v3 phones in less than a year.Razr v3 (commonly referred to as the RAZER phone) is barely half an inch thick and super light. Motorola has been markting the V3 as "Razor-thin". (It is only 13.9 mm thin. 53 mm wide,the width of a credit card, and 98 mm long,the slimmest phone ever produced). Yet the Razr is still rich in functionality.The Motorola Razr is an extremely stylish and sleek phone. It has an elegant look and cool feel. ( Motorola will soon release a whole new family of Razr phones in Blue and Pink and another two versions a CDMA Razr for Verizon with EVDO and a Razr V3i with iTunes!These new models will be packed with all the great features like the original Razr v3. Motorola Razr V3 is avaible for Free(after rebate)both for Cingular and T-Mobile at of the defining differences between the Treo650 and the Motorola Razr (Razor phone)is in the price. The Treo 650 is almost never on sale for Free. Earthlink Wirelss has a limited Free Treo 650 offer with new service plan at http// usually there is a six month wait for a mail-in on the rebate this Earthlink Free offer only has three month wait on the rebate) The Motorola Razr is a cell phone(with a camera).One can't type emails from it because it has no keyboard while the Treo 650 is a PDA with a QWERTY keyboard plus you've got Palm's fantastic operating system. So one can manage emails, and even look at the latest sales report in Excel.(Source: Treo 650 for Cingular is available at for $250 after special offer and at for $180 after special offers.Both the Razr v3 and Treo 650 have cameras,and Bluetooth. The Treo has an MP3 Player while the Razr V3 does not.Both are available at and for free. The Palm Treo 650 is considered to be the best personal communication device around today.It is a compact smart phone with email, an organizer,messaging and web access.VersaMail email client gives the user easy access and manageability.You can work in Word, Powerpoint and even synchronize yourcorporate Microsoft Exchange mail.The Treo 650 has a QWERTY keyboard (Blackberryesque) as well as a touch screen. Source:

Motorola RAZR

How do you get a Lexar 4gb Micro SD card to work for a Motorola Razr V3XX?

hello, I wanted alot of music on my w490 just like you i suppose!!....well i bought the Lexar 4gb card like you...and i put it in my phone and it did this wierd glichy i read up online and it turns out that a 4gb card is to big for my perhaps your having the same problem because your memory card is to big.... Advice: Buy a 2gb and try that it should work :) Sincerly Gerald

Motorola RAZR

Can a Motorola Razr be charged through a USB port?

Yes, Motorola Razr can be charged through a PC or MAC USB port. You need a special SW driver installed on the machine and then you can charge it with the normal USB cable connected to the computer. There are many web pages hosting the driver and procedure. Do a google search for "Razr USB Charging"

- Neeraj Sharma

Motorola RAZR

Where can you get a Verizon sim card for Motorola razr?

Verizon does not support SIM cards.

Motorola RAZR

How do you clean the inside of an LCD display on a Motorola RAZR phone?

Do not under any circumstances take your phone apart and attempt to clean or repair it because there are some circuit connections that are extremely sensitive to dust and moisture and you need to take the phone to a qualified and trained personel who services Motorola phones for your respective phone service. Leave any repairs and adjustments to the professionals because Razrs are not cheap phones and you don't want to damage a $200 phone trying to fix a problem that a professional who's skilled in that area can do. Please consult your carrier's service department on the cost of fixing or servicing a phone.

Motorola RAZR

How do you find serial number on Motorola RAZR?

this should be in 1 of 2 locations, take you battery cover off and your battery out, look under the battery for it. or go to your menu in the phone and look for a system info section

Motorola RAZR

Can you send full length songs to phone With Verizon Motorola RAZR?

yeah you can, but you have to either get a USB cable to connect from your phone to the computer, or you have to use a bluetooth enabled computer to send it through bluetooth to your phone. Razors typically don't have a lot of storage space for whole songs, so you might just be able to fit one whole song on there. good luck!

Motorola RAZR

Where is the sim card located on a Motorola razr v3?

Like many CDMA (Sprint and Verizon) phones, the Motorola RAZR v3 - and probably other RAZR phones - HAS NO SIM CARD. It does have a micro-SD card, which extends the phone's memory for camera/video applications, and on-line how-tos frequently confuse the two. The RAZR v3 has no internal SIM card, and attempting to disassemble the phone to extract it will likely destroy the phone.

Some newer phones have a CDMA Subscriber Identity Module (CSIM) card which enables SIM portability on CDMA networks.

Motorola RAZR

How do you get photos from my Motorola razr v3xx onto a computer?

You could email the photos to yourself and then download them. Just send them as a multimedia message to your email address.

Motorola RAZR

When is the Motorola razr 2 v9 coming out to the public and for how much.?

The v9 is slated to hit the states under AT&T/Cingular on August 24th. The 2gb version of the v8 is coming to T-mobile sometime in September.

Motorola RAZR

Which is a better phone Samsung Galaxy s2 or Motorola razr xt910?


Motorola RAZR

How do you transfer music from a computer to a Motorola RAZR phone and assign them as ring tones using the tools software cable?

Install the Motorola phone tools onto your PC, once this is done plug your phone via the USB Cable. From here run the phone tools and go to the Multimedia Section of the program. From here you can add new files to your phone, transfer the song to the phone.

Once this has been completed go into the Media section of the V3 and click the middle button on the song chosen, go to Apply As > RingTone.

Motorola RAZR

How do you transfer data from one Motorola Razr phone to another Motorola Razr phone?

You can transfer data from one phone to another through Bluetooth connection.

- Neeraj Sharma

Only certain information can be moved through bluetooth. Pictures and some sounds (ring tones, mp3s). Verizon often disables this feature on their phones. Find the item you want to transfer and choose move from the option menu. If bluetooth is an option you will see it. Make sure the target phone has the bluetooth enabled and the phone is in discoverable mode. This should work.

Motorola RAZR

Can you use a different Motorola RAZR phone with metro pcs?

yes you can. but you will have to pay atleast a $40 activation fee an you will be able to use your Motorola with all the metro pcs functions and plans once you set it up. you can even call to check 1-888-863-8768

Motorola RAZR

How do you get songs from iTunes to your Motorola Razr v3t mp3 format?

u got to credit me to tou then to 0415288344 u got to credit me to tou then to 0415288344

Motorola RAZR

Does the Motorola Razr V3 have XT9?

yes but every time you write a txt you have to change it

Motorola RAZR

How do you install skins on your Motorola RAZR v3i phone?

first you unwrap the rubber. then you lube the phone. then you roll it on. make sureit is from the tip down. then you insert into her pocket.

Motorola RAZR

How can you put MP3's onto a Motorola Razr V3 from Windows Media Player?

It is easy if you have Motorola Phone Tools and a data transfer cable. It also works with blue tooth and IR if you have those capabilities. Phone tools can be purchased from Motorola for about $30 or from Ebay for about $3. I bought mine from Ebay. Works great for transferring photos, mp3, video, and even backing up your phonebook or calander. If you are lucky enough to have a V3i razor which takes the Micro SD memory card just store it from your computer to the card and insert it in your phone. Don't plan on playing anything purchased from itunes though. It does not recognize M4v format. --- Angel :)

Motorola RAZR

How can you save the Sim card data on a Motorola Razr V3 phone?

1. From the standby screen (the first screen when you open your phone), go to the menu.

2. Scroll to the address book and press select.

3. Scroll to the address you wish to copy (or any address if you want to copy all of them) and press the menu key.

4. Go down to copy and press select.

5. Select "Entries" to copy just that one entry or "All to SIM" if you want to copy all your addresses to your SIM card, or "All to Phone" if you want to copy them all to your phone.

6. Select Merge or Override. Merge will combine any addresses that are already on your card with the ones you are now copying, Override will replace anything that is already there with the ones you are now copying. Be careful in deciding which you want to do since Override will delete anything previously saved and merge will duplicate any that were already saved and are being saved again.

Motorola RAZR

Will any Motorola razor phone charger fit any razor phone?

No there are 2 different chargers out there one is a bit smaller then the other


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