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How do you transfer movies to iTunes?

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you don't transfur, you buy them, then the movies automatically go in your PC

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Can you transfer movies from flixster to iTunes?

send them a complaint email and they will give you the itunes movie code

Why Can't 8g iPOD play movies?

The movies may not be the correct file type. If you did not transfer the movies from iTunes, meaning you did not buy the movie from iTunes, then that is why it doesn't work. You must buy the movie through iTunes.

How do you transfer movies files from limewire to itunes?

Convert them to .mp4 files.

How do you get movies on your iPad?

You can choose to buy movies via the iTunes store, or transfer them from your iTunes library. But the affordable way is getting free movies for ipad, which save your time and money.

How do you transfer movies from iTunes to your ipod?

download the movie to your computer, convert the movie to mp4 using ultra mpeg 4, then transfer the movie to your ipod using itunes

Why does the video I bought on iTunes not show up in the iTunes media folder?

In your iTunes Account go to transfer purchases and then just rag and drop to the movies media folder.

How do you transfer movies to iTunes on a mac?

To add a movie to iTunes click on the movie's icon and drag it onto the iTunes icon in the dock. Release the movie icon and it will be loaded into the iTunes movie library and played in iTunes.

Can you transfer digital copy movies from windows media to iTunes?

Yes, but you need software to remove protection first and then convert WMA/WMV to iTunes.

How transfer photos from iphone to iTunes account?

U cant transfer them to your ITunes account. U can transfer them to your computer, just not ITunes

Does iTunes have HD movies?

Yes itunes do have HD movies

How do you transfer purtused music to a different itunes account?

Hi, it seems we are not allowed to share iTunes content with different Apple ID, neither iTunes music nor iTunes movies. If you have to do this, you should remove the copy protection at first.

How do you download movies on your iPod Touch?

download them into your computer, convert them to mp4 if necessary and transfer them to your ipod using itunes.

Can you sell movies of your iPod to iTunes?

No. iTunes does not deal in secondhand movies.

How do you transfer your TV shows from itunes onto your HTC Evo 4g?

In order to transfer your TV shows from iTunes onto your HTC Evo 4G, you will first need to back the the movies to you hard drive. Once backed up, you can transfer them to your Evo via USB.

How do you transfer movies from your computer to your ipod?

If you have an iTunes account all you need to do is buy movies from the iTunes store and it will go to your iTunes library. Get your iPod USB cable and plug one side on your iPod, the other to the computer. Then on your left hand side there will be tabs saying Music, Movies, TV Shows and more. Go down and it will say Devices and it will show your iPod. Click on your iPod and at the top there will be a few tabs. Click on the one saying Movies. Then at the top there will be a box and next to it it says Snyc Movies. Click that box and there will be a tick on it. Then at the bottom click apply then wait. When it has finished click on Sync. When it is finished it will be on your iPod. If the movie on your computer is not purchased from iTunes, you can use a transfer program to transfer the movie from computer to iPod. There are many transfer program you can choose.

How do i transfer songs from my iPod to someone else's iTunes?

you can't. you can only transfer your itunes purchases to someone else's itunes.

Can you transfer Ares movies onto itunes?

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How much are iTunes movies?

Movies on itunes generally cost between 7.99-18.29. You can also rent movies on itunes for a set price a week. *SammyJean*

Can you use iTunes on Android tablets?

You can not use iTunes on android. But you could transfer all your iTunes data to android by Jihosoft iTunes to android transfer if you want.

How do you put a DVD onto iTunes?

By going into the Itunes store and downloading movies. You cant import movies into your ITunes, you have to buy them.

Can you Transfer RDIO playlists to Itunes?

RDIO playlists cannot be transferred to iTunes. However, if you already have and use iTunes, it is very easy to transfer iTunes playlists to RDIO.

How do you get movies on iTunes?

You must go on itunes then click on store> Movies and search for a movie to suit your choice. movies range from around $18 to $21.99. You can also buy or rent movies from iTunes Store.

How do you transfer movies from frostwire to iTunes?

You will need to use the free jodix video converter. This will make the whole process easy to complete.

How can you transfer movies from your computer to your iPhone?

Hello, You can use iTunes to transfer your moives from your computer to your iPhone easily. But pay attention that your movies are mp4 format, because of iPhone supports Mp4 format. By the way, if you need to transfer your movie from iphone to computer, you have to use a third party program.

How do you connect disney movies anywhere on your itunes?

Disney movies can be connect on you iTunes by simply signing up to iTunes and creating a username and password after following the instructions for Disney Movies Anywhere.

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