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one phone number at a time. HA HA

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You have 2 take out the memory card out of the old phone nokia 2 transfer 2 the new one!-ur welcum!! :-)

There is only one way to transfer your phone-contacts from Nokia 3120 classic to a HTC touch-viva GSM phone. You will have to manual put them from the old phone to the new one.

Yes, They will have a new phone coming out .The nokia C6's a touch screen phone,it has 3G and it's like an N97 but better!

You transfer music from your old phone to your new phone is to take your Sim card out of the old phone and put it in the your new phone

The newest phone available from Nokia is the Nokia Lumia 928. That model is available only from Verizon. Other new Nokia phones are the Lumia 920 as well as the Lumia 620.

The price of the new Nokia smart phone ranges from 250 to 350 dollars. It is available in stores such as Amazon, eBay or the official Nokia online store.

2 ways...... * text them to your new phone * plug old phone to computer transfer pictures then plug in new phone and get pictures from computer

Along with the Nokia 1112 phone, there is a user manual, as is with every new phone. In the user manual the user can find many answers to their questions, and a basic guide to using the phone, as well as the specifications of the Nokia 1112.

You just have go to nokia care and install your phone with new software

For a brand new nokia wireless smartphone you can expect to pay $170 to $350 online. For a new nokia wireless cell phone without smart phone capabilities it will cost around $100 online.

The Nokia cell phone is the best cell phone in the world. The Nokia is strong and long lasting cell phone with an easy to use screen. The new Nokia Lumina comes in a hard shell with no moving parts.

There are several places to buy a Nokia 1200 phone. One choice is E-bay where you can buy a new or used phone from an independent seller. Another option to purchase the Nokia 1200 on the Amazon website for the UK

The new Nokia X3,touchscreen.

I was watching the news station and Daniel currently got another new Nokia cell phone because the old one was broken. He got a New Nokia N8 Symbian smartphone on his birthday which was on July 23rd. His old cell phone was theNokia X2 01.

yes nokia cell phone batteries sometimes do come with a warrenty depending on where you buy it and rather or not its new cell phone batteries of very expensive so its best to buy new with an warrenty

Yes. Most cell phone companies do release new phones in the United States every year. So yes I believe Nokia will have a new phone in 2012 this time as well.

Frans for me new NOkia Lumia 800 is best....................... I like it very much

its not possible buy new one

Depending on the phone you are looking for your answer will vary. Both samsung and nokia offer a variety of plans to make purchasing a new phone more affordable.

take it out the old phone and put it in the new phone and waalaa you transfer over ur sim

how do i witch my reach out phone to anther phone

'if your phone has a chip all you have to do is transfer it to your other phone or just write all the numbers on a paper and install them on your new sweat!'

the phone was released on June 19th 2009 in the UK making it over a year old.

You can go to a service center and have a sim to sim copy to transfer your contacts, or if you subscribe to a feature called Address book 5.00 month, you can download it to and than upload it to your new phone.