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i dont no

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Q: How do you transfer pictures video to your computer from nokia phone?
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How do I transfer pictures from my Nokia phone to my computer?


How do you transfer pictures from your old phone to your new one?

2 ways...... * text them to your new phone * plug old phone to computer transfer pictures then plug in new phone and get pictures from computer

How do you transfer pictures from computer to cell phone?

by email.

How to transfer phone contacts to pc from nokia c301?

To transfer phone contacts to PC from Nokia C301 you need the Nokia PC suite that will help you transfer the contacts.

Can you transfer pictures from a memory card to a Samsung impression?

Yes, you can transfer the pictures from the memory card to a computer. Then transfer from the computer to the phone using the usb data cable that came with the phone. If you do not want to do that, you can take the memory card (not the sim card) out of the phone, find an adapter and connect it to your computer directly. Then transfer files.

How do you upload pictures from your phone to your computer without picture sending?

Use your lead that came with the phone, and transfer them on to the computer.

How do you take pictures from fone to PC?

Transfer it to your computer, depends on what phone it is.

How do you transfer pics from your computer to iPhone?

open the folder on your computer that has the pictures in and then plug your phone into the computer and open the folder that contains your phones files and drag the pictures from the computer folder to your phone folder.

How can you download your pictures off your phone to the computer?

you need a usb cable to attach your phone to your computer and then you can transfer the photos easily

How do you transfer pictures from one phone to another?

If you have a computer cord for your phone you can probably connect your phone to the computer and transfer your files from your phone to a folder in your computer (you should probably name that document phone, phone pictures, etc). once you've transferred the pictures just plug in your other phone and put them on that! then you can delete or save the file to keep your contacts, photos, etc safe!! ☺

How to Transfer contacts in Nokia phone to new Nokia phone?

You have 2 take out the memory card out of the old phone nokia 2 transfer 2 the new one!-ur welcum!! :-)

Your Motorola RAZR came with a usb cable why?

It is to connect your phone to your computer. For instance with pictures- you can transfer them to your computer or vice-versa. Also if your phone has a music player you can transfer music from your computer to your phone. Hope this helps.

How do you transfer pictures from your phone to computer without the disc?

I think you can use blutooth but :)

How do you transfer pictures from your computer to your phone?

Either use a usb, or buy a bluetooth connector for your pc, and transfer it that way, if your phone has bluetooth of course.

How do you transfer pictures from your phone to computer?

To put the photo's in your computer you, take out your Sim card and put it in your computer. Then download it onto your computer.

How do you download nokia 5310 games?

Well,you can go to or just download the games to your computer and transfer them to your phone...

How do you transfer pictures from samsung phone to acer laptop?

The easiest ways to transfer pictures from any smart phone to a PC is through Bluetooth or emailing a picture from your phone to your own email address and then downloading the picture onto your computer.

How can you transfer pictures on a computer to a Motorola RAZR V3t cell phone?

You can use the USB data cable for RAZR V3t and copy pictures to the phone memory.

How do you transfer pics from your phone to your computer without a USB?

Well you could always send them in a message to your email and save them to your computer, but I'm pretty sure you can buy a bluetooth set for your computer that will link your computer to your phone and transfer pictures that way.

How do you transfer phone book from old Nokia to new Nokia?

one phone number at a time. HA HA

Why can you transfer photos from your computer to your phone but not view the photos on your phone?

Most phones when connected to a computer can behave just like any other standard storage device such as flash drives. This means that the computer doesn't necessarily know that your phone is indeed a phone, but explains why you can transfer the pictures to your phone. Usually you can transfer any type of file. The reason you can't view the pictures on your phone is most likely to be that your phone doesn't have any software that knows what to do with that type of file.

How do you get pictures from the computer and transfer to cellphone without wire?

if u have a camera phone, u can take a picture of the pic on your computer n store it into your phone, but if u don't have a wire or a camera phone there is no other way to transfer pics to your phone sorry.

How do you send songs to nokia vodafone in from the internet?

Download the MP3 files to your computer then use the Nokia connectivity software and cable to connect the phone to your company. Then transfer the MP3 files.

What is cloud computing, and what is it used for?

Cloud Computer is the ability to be able to transfer media through a cloud network instead of connecting your phone to your computer! You also have the ability to transfer pictures from you home network to your cell phone

How do you use an alcatel data cable USB to transfer pictures to your computer?

Connect one end to the phone, and the other to the computer. The computer SHOULD identify the phone as 'an external mass-storage device' Then - it's simply a case of opening the directory in the phone, and drag & drop the pictures you want to the computer.