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=== === Downloading music on Limewire, if free music, is completely illegal and against the law. If you are participating in this illegal act, stop immediately, as police could easily track you down and arrest you. Hundreds of adults and teenagers are being arrested because of downloading free music illegally.

Music and other files sourced from filesharing networks like Limewire is the most common cause for software corruption on iPods. If you notice your iPod is no longer working correctly (battery not charging, iPod not recognized by computer, songs skipping, etc.), then you may have corrupt software on your iPod. Often, if you're using Windows, the iPod is no longer recognized, so you can't restore it or erase it to fix the problem. If that is the case, find a friend with a Mac or take it to an Apple store and have them restore it for you. Please also note that downloading songs from file sharing services that you don't own the license to (translation: have bought the album or song for already) is copyright infringement, and is not only illegal, it's wrong. Artists deserve to be paid for their work. Paying for software like Limewire doesn't actually mean you have legal rights to the files...only to the software you're using

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Q: How do you transfer songs from Limewire to an iPod?
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How do you transfer music videos from LimeWire to an iPod?

Add the Limewire songs to your iTunes library and sync your iPod.

How do you transfer songs that you downloaded from LimeWire to your ipod?

all you do is drag the song from your limewire to your itunes and u sync it to your ipod from there

How do you transfer the songs that you legally downloaded on LimeWire to your ipod?

Syching your itune library to the folder where your limewire downloads are.

How come you cant transfer songs from LimeWire to your ipod?

You need iTunes to transfer anything to your iPod, so I would suggest getting that. I also would not suggest using Limewire because number one, downloading songs from Limewire is illegal and number two, there are MANY viruses on Limewire that can kill your computer.

If you use LimeWire on your ipod and then buy certain songs from itunes does it make it to where LimeWire won't work anymore on ipod?

No. Songs from Limewire can be added to the iTunes library, and then the iPod can be synced. Songs from multiple sources can all co-exist on the iPod without problems.

How do you transfer music from LimeWire to your ipod?

you have to get itunes

Can you download songs from LimeWire to your iPod?

Yes and no, you can't download them using limewire but you can put your limewire songs into itunes by selecting them and dragging them into your library, then you can download them onto your ipod. Hope this helps!

Where can you get free songs for your Ipod?

iTunes or LimeWire

I have a new ipod but i dont want to lose the library from my old one how can i transfer the old library onto my new ipod?

Sync it with your iTunes library and transfer the songs from the library onto the new iPod or plug them both in at a time and transfer it from iPod to iPod by dragging the songs in one into the other. or also with limewire helps to!! answered by nicky bear

How do you transfer songs from LimeWire to itunes onto your ipod?

its to bad now anyway limewire just got closed yesterday and now everyone is pissed but try the alternative.....BEARSHARE :)

Can you use LimeWire for iPod touch?

Yes you can. Just drag the songs from LimeWire into iTunes and then drag the songs you just put into iTunes onto your iPod Touch.

How do you transfer songs from your cell phone to your ipod?

How do you transfer songs from your cell phone to your ipod

How can you get free songs on my ipod?

Download Limewire and Itunes

How do you download free songs to a ipod nano?


Is there a LimeWire app for ipod touch?

You cant illegally download songs from your iPod, it will allow you on computer, and then transfer to the iPod but other than buying from iTunes or Transferring from computer, you cant get music unfortunately.

Where can you get free songs and downloads for an iPod Nano?

Limewire!!!!!!! yes. LIMEWIRE! it has never let me down. =] limewire is mazing.

Does backing up your iPod mean you can transfer songs from your iPod to your computer?

you can transfer songs from your ipod to your computer it is true

How do you get purchased songs and vids from iTunes onto your iPod if all previous songsvideos are from LimeWire and it says the iPod cannot sync an unknown error has occured?

you can go to my documents on your computer and then you click on music. all of the songs you loaded from limewire should be there and you open itunes and where it shows ur ipod you drag the songs from limewire to ur ipod!

If you have LimeWire on your computer can you get songs from your iPod to go into LimeWire on your computer?

No. LimeWire is a program that downloads stuff. If you want a song on LimeWire, just download it.

How do you put songs on your ipod touch from LimeWire?

you have to share limewire with your itunes. In itunes/limewire, share the files, and the songs will automatically go onto your itunes. Then do what you would normally.

Can you download songs to your ipod from LimeWire if you copy them onto itunes?


Can you download songs from LimeWire onto an ipod nano?


How do you put songs on your iPod using LimeWire?

you cant! you need to get songs off Itunes

How can you transfer a movie from LimeWire to ipod?

You need to convert the media file

How can you transfer songs from Realplayer to your iPod?

In order to transfer songs from Realplayer to your iPod, you simply need to hook your iPod up to your computer with the chord. After that, drag the songs from the file where they are located on the computer to your iPod.