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On a typical office phone you will of course first answer the phone. Once you know what department your party wants to be connected to, you push the button on the phone (assigned a two digit number usually) for that particular department. Listen to make sure the party is connected to the other than hang up the phone.

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What are the types of telephone calls?

There are various types of telephone calls that can be made. Below I will list some of these types for you. Long Distance Calls Local Calls Three Way Calls Conference Calls Dial Around Calls Collect Calls Third Party Calls

What are the different types of telephone calls?

the different types of telephone calls are;locals calls,extended calls,rounded calls,it can use every were we are, We can also use a cellphone to call the important person or friends that we want to talk about.

Does VoIP calls counted in telephone bill?

VoIP has different charges from telephone bills, but its not necessary to have telephone to use VoIP. VoIP needs only internet to make and receive calls.

Does a mp3 audio recorder record telephone calls?

No it does not record telephone calls. Phones do have a recorders on them that you can put into a mp3 format that can be downloaded to your computer.

What is needed to use Cisco VOIP telephone?

A Cisco VOIP telephone can be installed on a computer or telephone in order to make calls. Users can then place and receive international calls through Cisco VOIP.

Can you get duty calls on xbox360?

You can get Call of Duty series games, but it is not a phone to get telephone calls on

Telephone to laptop connection?

Buy a Skype telephone number and divert calls to your usual telephone number to your Skype number.

What are operator-assisted calls?

Operator-assisted calls are the most expensive type of telephone calls. Avoid them if possible.

What is telephone exchange system?

Telephone Exchange - In the field of telecommunications, a telephone exchange or telephone switch is a system of electronic components that connects telephone calls. A central office is the physical building used to house inside plant equipment including telephone switches, which make telephone calls "work" in the sense of making connections and relaying the speech information.

How do you play back a telephone call?

Star 69 it to play back recent telephone calls.

Do you any home telephone service that will accept collect calls from Albany jail house?

Does your home telephone service accept collect calls from Albany jail house?

What is the difference in duties of a telephone operator and a receptionist?

A telephone operator deals solely with incoming telephone calls. A receptionist greets people in person, makes & receives phone-calls, books appointments, deals with post etc...

How do you transfer of telephone line to a new address?

Call the telephone company and request a transfer. they will give you a scheduled date and will switch it over to the new address for you.

Is it the law that doctors return telephone calls from their patients?

What the law requires depends on the country and locality in which you are located, but in general there is no law requiring doctors to return telephone calls from their patients.

How to get outgoing and incoming calls list from land line number?

You are to apply before the Telephone Authority for outgoing and incoming calls list of your telephone number against a nominal charge.

What can modern telephone do?

The telephone system today is a development of the integration of the telephone and the internet technologies. IP phones for example has features that will help you screen or block unwanted calls, forward or divert calls and get updates with your online communication system.

What type of training is required to be a telephone operator?

Receiving incoming calls, transfering calls to different extensions, making calls and transfering..etc.

What is cellular telephone concept?

To call and answer phone calls from were every.

How can you block telephone calls with an 877 area code?

The procedure for blocking calls from a particular number or area code depend on your telephone carrier (cellphone company or local phone company). Area code 877 is toll-free calls.

What you mean By Telephone Ethiquette's?

Telephone etiquette - is dealing with incoming or outgoing calls swiftly, politely, accurately and efficiently.

What does ISD means when making a telephone call in Mumbai India?

ISD is for International Calls, where as STD is for local calls.

How do you transfer cell phone calls to another cell phone?

You might want to try a follow me service.

What are the different functions of a telephone operator?

A telephone operator has many duties. He must answer all incoming calls, direct calls to appropriate places, provide enough information to the calling persons, etc.

Bundle Internet and Telephone Service?

form_title=Bundle Internet and Telephone Service form_header=Combined services into one to save money on your bills. Do you want to transfer an existing phone number? = () Yes () No What type of internet service do you currently have?=_ Do you wish to have the capability to make video calls?= () Yes () No

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