How do you translate an English phrase into Balinese writing?

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2008-01-13 04:43:27

Hi, Om Suasti Astu (May God bless you), I am not sure exactly

what your question is concerning but I will try to give you some

varied answers.

Balinese (Aksara Bali) is what's called a "syllabic alphabet".

This means that each consonant has an "intrinsic" vowel sound after

it. So for example "T" would be "Ta" and "R' would be "Ra".

Because of the "intrinsic" vowel, Balinese also makes use of

prefixes(before the letter), suffixes(after the letter),

affixes(above the letter) and sub-fixes(below the letter).

The name "Tom" for instance would use the consonants, "Ta" and

"Ma". The letter "Ta" would have a suffixed vowel, beside it to

make it "To". The letter "Ma" would then also have to have a suffix

to mute the vowel so the it just becomes "M". The name "Tom" would

then look like this:tom/

This is made up of the letters "Ta", "t" the vowel "o", "o" the

letter "Ma", "m" and the vowel mute, "/"called, "Adeg Adeg".

Here is a list that you may find helpful:

The appended forms (Called Pangangge Akśara) are shown in

red. You can find downloadable Balinese fonts here:

And here:

This is also the link for what I think is the most authoritative

website for the Balinese language and script:

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