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'veritas super omnia' (truth above all),

or you could stay 'honestas super omnia' (honor/integrity/honesty above all)


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There are many free translation websites online that can translate English to Latin. Some of these websites include Google Translate, Translation Guide, and My Languages.

Go to google translate select translate form English to Latin and type what you want!

The words brave one in the Latin language translate into English as fortis. These words in Spanish translate as valiente.

This is because he translate the Bible into English, and in that time,The country just allow them to translate into Latin, not English.

"Veto", a Latin word originally, translates to "I forbid" in the English language.

The best English translation of Latin ultra is "beyond."

the answer is simple: there isn't! Latin has no equivalent, so when you translate, you need to insert one from Latin-English, or remove one in English-Latin. an example is Senex, which on its own means "old man", but when you translate you need to put in a 'the'

Donati (if you don't trust me go on to google translate)

You will not relinquish; you will not abandon.

The Latin word Vis means power or force or strength.

Translating from Latin to English can be just as hard as translating from English to Latin. The Latin word cirro means crest in English.

reddo is latin for translate.

Omnipotens is Latin for "all-powerful" or almighty, modern English omnipotent.

There are no articles in Latin, either definite ("the") or indefinite ("a/an"). When you translate a sentence from English to Latin, the word "the" is omitted. When you translate from Latin into English, articles must be inserted to produce an idiomatic result; which articles are chosen depends on context and the translator's understanding of what the Latin is trying to say.

Fidélitás suprá omnis means loyalty above all in Latin

"English to Latin" can be expressed in Latin as ex lingua Anglica in Latinam, literally "from the English tongue into the Latin". It is possible to omit the word lingua as understood, leaving ex Anglica in Latinam.

Searching the web there are numerous web sites that provide the reader with a "tool" to translate text from Latin to English. One of the sites is Google Translate.

"Aut Mandata" translated to English is "Any order"

The Latin version of Andre (i.e., English "Andrew") is Andreas, -ae, m.

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