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Tu tambien (informal) Usted tambien (formal) = You too

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when you translate Spanish to English or English to Spanish

You can translate words from Spanish to English online at the Google Translate website. Once on the page, enter in the text you want to translate from Spanish in the left box and then click "Translate."

BENAVÍDEZ is a Spanish surname

Just translate it the same way you translate anything. The words 'a movie' are 'una pelicula' in Spanish

Why yes, yes you can translate English to Spanish! :D Si! Tu puedes traducir ingles a espanol!

Cognates is an ENGLISH word, not a Spanish word.

There are so many different ways to translate spanish to english. A spanish to english dictionary would be helpful, also an app would be helpful if a person is traveling.

Tambien is Spanish. When translated into English, Tambien means too, well, also. When looking for translation of Spanish into English, one can consult a dictionary or an expert.

There is a lot of free software available online to translate text from English to Spanish. Some popular ones are Babylon, WordTranslate, and Google Translate.

There are several free translation services which will translate English into Spanish. Among these is the Google Translate service which also translates several other languages.

Le pravda is not Spanish or English. If you can tell me what it means in English, I can translate it into Spanish for you.

Soliel is not an English word. If you can provide its English meaning, I can then translate it into Spanish.

Pregunta in Spanish means question in English.

That is Spanish. To translate that into English that would be "provinces"

"Yes, Google Spanish will translate into English. Google can also translate to any other language you would need it to. It is a very convenient tool for everyone!" But be wary!

jules is already an English word.

Can you translate that into French, please?We will translate the manifesto into multiple languages.I will translate the book into English.

To translate It's Spanish for 'to translate ' en español traducir

que in spanish means who or what

Conocerte is Spanish for "to know you".

Spanish word "Estas": these