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Nothing you'll be just fine

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Q: How do you treat a vinegaroon bite?
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How can you treat a tarantula bite?

u treat it by rubbin ice on ya bite fools

What kills vinegaroon spider?

Step on it

Is a vinegaroon an insect?

yes it is an insect. hope that helps you.

How do you treat a green head bite?


Is snake poison used for rattlesnake bite?

No, antivenin is used to treat the bite of a rattlesnake.

How can you treat bitten knuckels?

polysporen and why do you bite your knuckles

What is a rhyming word pair for sugary dessert?

Tasty Pastry, light bite

Is true that the whip tail of a Vinegaroon is a mimic for a scorpion's pincher claws?


Why does your bird bite?

because you probably treat it wrong or its different

What is a vinegaroon?

A vinagarroon is an arachnid.Vinegaroon's are not spiders. They are related to spiders and belong to the class Arachnida, but have their own order called: Thelyphonida. (Spiders are in the order Aranaeae).Thelyphonida is made up of the vinegaroon's [also commonly know as the "whip scorpion" because of their whip like tail, and pincers in the front that resemble their relative, the scorpion.] They are not poisonous animals, so while a bite might pinch a bit, it is not deadly. It is a myth that if you are bitten by a vinegaroon everything will taste like vinegar.Vingaroons get their name from their unusual defense mechanism when they are disturbed. Vinegaroons have glands around the end of their abdomen that can spray a combination of acetic acid and octanoic acid. This combination of acids gives off the "vinegar" odor when sprayed.

What are the materials you need to treat a snake bite?

-antidote -band aid

What is the treatment in Australia for a scorpion sting?

Treat like snake bite