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My sister and I both has astigmatism. We both have to wear glasses. We are both a good candidate for the new lasik eye surgery, whenever we are ready for it. As for contact lenses every person that wants them can't always wear them. My sister can not because her eyes are too far set back in her head. But as for me I can, but I don't because I can't stand the thought of putting contacts in my eyes. Only her eye doctor can tell her if she would be able to wear contacts.


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Astigmatism can be treated by the use of cylindrical lenses. They can be in eyeglasses or contact lenses

Some brands of contact lenses that correct for astigmatism include Toric and AirOptix. You can get more information about these lenses at their respective websites.

There are only limited colors of contact lenses available for astigmatism.. There is a custom color and prosthetic contact lens manufacturer in California that will tint lenses that you send to them, including toric contact lenses (for astigmatism) in a wealth of different colors. The entire tinting process is FDA approved.

The only way to treat astigmatism is to get corrective lenses. You can choose between contact lenses or eyeglasses and this will correct your vision.

Astigmatism can be most simply treated with either eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Yes, you can wear toric contact lenses, which are specifically designed for people with astigmatism. Your options vary, depending on your degree of astigmatism.

Toric contact lenses are best for astigmatism. It helps in improving the vision and those are suitable for people having astigmatism.

Toric contact lenses are people with astigmatism. They effectively have two prescriptions in them. They work very well and if you have severe astigmatism you can have them made especially for your correction. Many toric contact lenses come in standards prescription with 10 degree differences between them. The higher your astigmatism, the more sensitive you will be to the axis (degrees) of the lens.

Soft lenses cannot correct astigmatism because it only has a sphere lens. For a lens to correct astigmatism it must have both sphere and cylinder lenses. Cylindrical lenses are used to correct the power of the astigmatism at a certain axis, spheres are only capable of correcting power. But it's not exactly true that soft lenses are no good for astigmatism. They are, we call them Toric contact lenses.

Astigmatism is a medical condition. One in a million patients have it.

they are a bit more pricey than your average contact lenses... around $40 per eye for me.

The purpose of eyeglasses and contact lenses is to correct or improve the vision of people with nearsightedness (myopia ), farsightedness (hyperopia), presbyopia, and astigmatism.

Yes!! If you have astigmatism and worried about wearing colored contact lenses then definitely you can wear them. There are lot many brands available at contactlensxchange offering colored contact lenses for astigamatism.

Proclear contact lenses are specifically for people who have problems or diseases associated with the eyes. Some of these issues are astigmatism and dry eyes amongst others.

Acuvue Oasys produces special contact lenses specifically for people with astigmatism. While normally unable to wear contacts, these people can easily use these special lenses.

Cost vary depending on the brand and frequency of replacement. Specialty lenses for astigmatism and bifocal contacts are among the more expensive.

Contact lenses for correction of astigmatism are generally either gas permeable lenses, which are semi-hard lenses, or toric soft contacts. There is also a type called Orthokeratology lenses which are worn at night to help reshape the eye. Your Opthamologist will know they best type of you or if contacts are even the right way to go.

Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are the most common and most effective lenses for dry eyes. Lenses with extreme H2O and proclear soft contact lenses also work against dry eyes.

Astigmatism is a hereditary condition, but it can also be caused by eye injury or cataract surgery. Astigmatism may occur in one eye or both and results when the cornea is not properly shaped. A healthy cornea will be round in shape; however with astigmatism, the cornea will be irregular in shape. An astigmatism prevents light entering through the cornea to focus properly on the back wall of the eye. People with astigmatism experience blurred vision correlating to the degree of irregularity in the cornea; however, the condition will often be seen in combination with near or far sightednessThere are various treatments available for astigmatism, including surgery, glasses and contacts. Contacts are not as invasive as surgery and not appearance altering like glasses, making them an attractive option for many people.The type of contacts your optometrist will recommend depends largely on the degree of astigmatism you have. Mild astigmatisms may be corrected with gas permeable standard, or spherical, contacts. These lenses are made from a more rigid material and are able to create the even circular shape needed to correct the wearer's vision.Specialized astigmatism contacts are also known as toric lenses. For those with moderate to severe astigmatism, toric lenses will be recommended by your optometrist. Unlike spherical lenses for patients with mild or no astigmatism, toric lenses designed to stay in place and correct the irregular corneal shape. These lenses are weighted with a top and bottom. Unlike standard spherical lenses that will move and twist as the wearer blinks, toric lenses have a heavier bottom. Regardless of how they are placed on the eye, the heavier end will move to the bottom of your eye and the lens will stay in place. Once in place, toric lenses will also reshape the cornea, rather than conform to it.Due to their specialized features, toric lenses are generally more expensive than spherical lenses; however the benefits outweigh the costs. Unfortunately, not all astigmatism can be corrected with contact lenses. If you suffer from astigmatism, consult your optometrist to see if toric lenses are right for you.

Vistakon is a retailer of contact lenses. They offer a full line of Accuvue products, from standard to daily wear, toric lenses, and those for people with astigmatism.

Toric lenses are used for people with more oblong shaped corneas than round shaped corneas, this is called corneal astigmatism. These special lenses are more comfortable and provide better sight than if they were to use normal contact lenses.

An astigmatism surgery is performed to correct an astigmatism. People who have astigmatisms are unable to come to a single focus of light on the retina. The surgery corrects or reduces this problem so that you don't have to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. LASIK is a laser eye surgery that corrects astigmatisms.

Yes may be your glasses are able to treat astigmatism. I prefer your buying lenses for the same. You will be highly satisfied, one of my family member is suffering from astigmatism and they are using lenses now and it work great for him. We have purchased from Contactlensxchange.

Toric contact lenses are designed to help treat or cure various different eye problems. Some of those problems include astigmatism, presbyopia, and cataracts.

You can sleep while wearing Oasis contact lenses. It is not recommended you do so but no side effects have been reported for sleeping in them all night.

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