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How do you treat termites?


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There are all sorts of chemicals available to do this. However if possible you can get around having to use any chemicals at all by making sure that all contact between the ground and or any other water supply this includes leaky pipes or other reliable sources of water within the frame of the house.

However, it is usually recommended to have a professional check things out just to make sure. Terminix offers a free initial home inspection & evaluation (877) 397-5201.

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This best time to treat for termites is as soon as you are aware of their presence on your property. Most treatments are performed during the Spring when termites are more likely to be discovered, however treatments can be performed most any time of year depending on your weather conditions.

It would depend on the type of termite you are trying to kill, but for treating termites that live in the soil the active ingredient is Fipronil. If you are treating termites that live in wood, the active ingredient is Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate. Termites are difficult to kill, and it is best to seek a professional such as Terminix.

They do if there is nothing else to eat but I don't think it wold be a treat there diet is grass

You can call an exterminator and have them explain the treatment options, such as a food source that kills the organism inside the termite, thus killing the termites, or check your hardware store for pesticide options.

Surely it is the responsibility of the landlord unless: - the tenant introduced the termites to the house, or - this responsibility has been specifically assigned to the tenant in a written lease

No. Only termites can cause termites.

It is called a termites nest.

There are two ways Paul can learn what the reason for termites in all the houses are. He can look up the information himself, or he can call in a pest control company, and have them diagnose and treat the termite problem.

The collective nouns are a colony of termites or an infestation of termites.

The termites are fed the feces of dead termites when they are young.

no, termites eat wood, but snakes might eat termites

Yes, there are termites in Wisconsin.

Subterranean Termites( such as northern, southern, eastern etc.) and Drywood Termites.

Termites get food from hunting fir it. Termites like to eat wood. You can find termites in forests and even in a home that is made out of wood.

In California for subterranean termites, $7.00 per lineal foot of exterior foundation wall. Measure your exterior foundation walls excluding garage and entry doors. If you have 200 feet, treatment will be approximately $1400. The inspector has latitude to discount up to 15%, more with authorization. Pricing is more complicated for drywood termites.

form_title= Termites form_header= Save your home. Hire a pro. Where are the termites located?*= _ [50] Do you have any pets?*= () Yes () No Have you noticed any damage?*= () Yes () No

Termites are harmful because if your house is made out of wood, the termites can eat your house down

No. Echidnas eat termites.

No, termites are wood boring insects.

If you mean are termites poisonous? no they are not.

No, I never saw termites in Ukraine.

Termites do eat Bamboo

termites are blackto my knowledge termites are a milky white but they may be several varietiesbut are mostly black

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