This category is for questions and answers about termites. Termites are colony insects. They eat dead plant material, including wood. They are very important within the ecosystem, but they can be a detriment to human housing.

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How do you know if you have a termite problem?

Identifying damage

Dry wood with and against the grain of the wood with small fecal pellets - the damage will be smooth and clean. Subterranean will have no visible pellets, the damage will be filled with mud/dirt & will only go with the grain of the wood.

I once found that I had termites because there was a "tube" on the interior wall involved. Even though I had the wall taken out, luckily the termite colony had died. The outside wall had a faucet.

Identifying termites

Termite wings will be twice as long as the body, ants right around the same length as the body. Termite antennae will be pointed outwards, ants will be at a 90 degree angle. Dry wood termites are brown/maroon or gold in color. Subterranean termites will be jet black. Subterranean wings will have a whitish appearance, Drywood wings will have an iridescent appearance.It is a really good idea to go through a few termites pictures to get yourself familiar with how termites look like. Going through a few pictures always works better than reading text for me. You may use google image search to find some pictures. I have included a website focused on termites pictures (!) in the related sites list as well.

Getting an InspectionMost pest control firms will do an inspection for free. However, make sure you call a reputable firm and get a couple of estimates before having work done. Most lenders require a clear termite report before making a loan.

The termites can do can be very severe. Keep your eye open for termite swarmers in or around your house. Using spectrum terminate bait stations as a early termite detection kit may also help to protect your home from termites. Their pop-up indicators will let you know if termites are foraging in the ground close to your home. These should only be used as termite monitors and not a stand alone treatment to rid your house of termites.


Which insects bite and draw blood?

Mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, fleas.


What are some animals that eat a lot?

Surprisingly the smallest animals will eat far more per their body weight and size than the largest animals do. For example, mice have to eat all the time to maintain their high metabolism. Many insects also eat far more than their body weight, such as cockroaches and termites.

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What does termite dust look like?

Like red and yellow sand particles.

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Do termites hop?


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Does insurance cover damages from a termite infestation?

Homeowners Insurance and TermitesMost homeowners insurance policies do not cover termite infestations, However there may be coverage for resulting damage to the structure once the infestation has been addressed, depending on the type and scope of coverage you purchased. You would need to have the termite situation resolved by a professional pest control company before your insurance company would respond to any structural damages resulting from the infestation.

Pest control is considered part of a homeowners expected and usual maintenance routine.

Pest control service companies offer "service warranties" to their clients that have regular corrective or preventative treatments performed to the structure. There is usually an upfront charge for the initial service to correct or prevent infestation and then there is an annual fee to keep the service warranty in place. There are different types of service warranties offered by different pest control companies. One type offers re-treatment only, another offers treatment and repair of damages should infestation occur or re-occur. These service warranties are subject to several terms and conditions.

Home Buying

If a house has evidence of termite tunnels in the garage but not inside the house is this a serious problem to reject a house?

As long as the home has been inspected and you have a termite bond there should not be a problem. The exterminator should take care of any "live" infestation and will inspect the house for structural integrity.


What is the termite's favorite breakfast?

i would have to say wood

Homeowner's Insurance

Will homeowners liability cover wood damage from termites powder post beetles or other bugs?

Termites and InsuranceLiability insurance is coverage for occurrences in which you might be held financially liable. It is not possible to be liable to ones self. If your seeking coverage for a Wood Structure or Property you would look to a Homeowners Policy or some other coverage form in Property Lines.

If your a Pest exterminator by trade then you may look to a Commercial General Liability policy that will offer you liability coverage for the work or service you perform on premises and completed operations coverage for after the job is done.

Pest ExclusionsUnder Section I - Exclusions of your policy, it will explain that there is no coverage for damage due to rats, mice, termites, moths, or other insects (language varies by state), but there IS coverage for ensuing loss due to collapse of the building or any part of the building. Exterminators LiabilityThe only liability for damage due to termites would be found in a warranty policy from a pest-treatment company who has a contract to treat your home at regular intervals and guarantees their work.
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What is the solution to preventing termite invasion thru a above ground liner?

We live on Long Island and had the same problem. Put your flex pipe inside solid PVC pipe like a sleeve. We dug a trench around the perimeter of the pool and had an exterminator treat the PVC and the soil. It's been three years and so far so good. Check your liner. We had to replace it last year because termites made it look like a sieve. They come up through the bottom. Good luck!

AnswerCan someone explain how a termite would be interested in eating vinyl liners or PVD piping? I live near West Point NY. We had termites in a tree next to our pool, built in 1982. We just replaced the liner this weekend - and all the lines are fine. I've never heard of termite damage to a vinyl pool or plumbing. AnswerDon't use flex pipe under ground in the first place. It is well known that termites can and will eat it like taffee. Additionally, flex pipe has been known to soften, or "melt," in the first 3 to 4 feet of pipe underneath the skimmer. This occurs when the pool owner uses the skimmer as the main source of chlorine induction (tablets in the skimmer basket) for the swimming pool. When this softening in the pipe occurs, the suction power of the pump will cause the pipe to collapse upon itself... creating an obstruction in the line. This could lead to the pump burning out due to the loss of prime (pump runs dry). So, to make a long answer even longer, don't use flex pipe under ground if you can help it. Use the industry standard of schedule 40 PVC "hardpipe." AnswerTermites eat wood not vinyl.. AnswerMost pools have the two ingredients termites need to survive and will become the main target of any termite colony if given the chance. This could happen anywhere a pool is installed but it seems to happen more in arid regions or when any one region is experiencing a drought. During dry times termites get desperate for moisture and will target any body or source of water.

There are many types of pools being built these days. Pools made of cement, gunite and other solid materials similar to rock are generally not going to have problems with termites.Any type which uses a liner is susceptible to termite damage; pools which use both wood and liners have the two ingredients termites spend their lives targeting. In ground pools typically have some wood beams installed which are laid in the ground. Liners are set over these foundations and though the wood used will many times be pressure treated or impregnated with some type of protective chemical, such treatments will break down over time. This breakdown, combined with the moisture wood will typically absorb from the ground, is the basis of a good termite food recipe. In ground pools which don't utilize wood but instead have chosen all manmade supplies are at risk as well. Termites will be drawn to these pools because of their water or termites will find them by mistake. Since termites almost always have some part of their colony out on a "seek and find" mission for both food and water, in ground pools can't hide even if they are made with all synthetic material. Their thin liners are not enough to hide the water which lies inside. Termites will detect the water and target any weak part of a pools design. As our on line article about termite biology describes, most any active termite colony will have thousands of termites out and about seeking moisture and new food supplies - even when the colony already has ample supplies. This is one of their natural defenses and allows them to have "priority" supplies so that when main targets are lost, lower priority water and wood are at hand and can be farmed. This constant search will inevitably bring some termites to find most any in ground pool at some point during the pools existence. Termites ability to detect water - even through thick pool liners - will initiate an interest. If they desire or need the water bad enough, they will chew their way through causing leaks. Slow at first, water loss will almost be non-detectable. However, most termite harvesting of water will tend to increase and as more and more access holes are created, water loss will be fast and noticeable. Soon, water loss will so bad the liner will have to be replaced. Many people believe termites "ate" their liner when in fact the termites really "ate through" the liner (at this point we don't think termites are able to digest and convert plastic to food!).

Now, it seems to me, that why would you go to all the trouble to put the flex pipe inside regular PVC pipe or any other type of pipe. When you could just as well use schedule 40 or even schedule 80 PVC pipe by itself installed in the trenches. And you never install flex pipe underground for pools. k

I couldn't figure out why my above ground pool was losing water. I hired a professional "leak buster" outfit to help me find the source. It turned out there wasn't one hole in my liner, there were thousands of tiny holes cause by moisture seeking subterranean termites! I tried treating the issue myself with some Home Depot bait stakes. That liner lasted 1 season before the pool started losing water again. I somehow found this site and started to research this Termidor stuff. I bought a jug and a pump sprayer. Since the lining needed replaced (again) I got all set up. When the old lining was removed, I soaked the sand base with my sprayer filled with the Termidor solution. I replaced the liner. Then, I sprayed the outside base of the pool and let the solution roll down the sides through the gravel. Since I had about 12 bait stake holes, I pumped them full of the diluted solution as well. I used the entire bottle on my pool. It's been two full seasons since I treated with Termidor and needless to say, I am thrilled. Not even a hint of termites! If I were to ever install a pool again, I would treat with Termidor as a preventative measure. I had no idea termites hunted for water in swimming pools. I highly recommend Termidor!

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Who won the race between the boy silkworm and the girl silkworm?

They ended up in a tie

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Do termites eat softwood or hardwood?

It seems that there are many different species even among termites.

Where as some do not eat much wood at all, others seem to have a feast on wood.

A program I saw on National Geographic said that they grew their own mushroms in their houses, and that was their primary diet.

It varies how efficient their digesting-system works on cellulose.

Some are in fact dependent on bacterial parasites in order to get energy out of cellulose.

Various species prefer leafs and half rotten wood. Other species again prefer the fresh stuff. I do not think it matter much whether your garden furniture is softwood or hardwood regarding the right species of termites.

I am however sure the hardwood would last slightly longer.

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Can rubbing alcohol kill sperm?

Absolutely - but don't try to use it as a contraceptive. It's too voltile (evaporates too quickly) and isn;t good for the mucous membranes.

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How many termites would fit on the whole meterstick if the termite is 5 millimeters long?

If they stand proboscis to thorax, then 200 will fit.

If they stand side-by-side, then we need to know how fateach one is

before we can calculate the answer.

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How can you move rainwater underground away from the house?

Proper drainage of rain water is essential to avoid blockage of water during rainy season. A good quality rain water pipe and its’ proper fixation make your home neat, clean, safe of mud and rain water. Wrongly fitted pipes can cause harm to the contents of the building.


AnswerIt's called a drain field. You will need to determine if there is enough drainage to absorb the rainwater. Some areas have too much clay in the soil to allow much drainage, some areas have too much ground water to accept much drainage. You'll need to find out locally if you can do what you're asking.

"Rainwater does not appear underground in most circumstances as the question suggests. Normally rainwater is absorbed locally by the earth until it reaches a saturation point at which the water quickly decides to flow upon the surface. However, if your structure is surrounded by loose, improperly compacted earth, water will not achieve absorption and run-off and instead will flow through this material to your basement, for example. Therefore, no matter the condition of the soil surrounding your structure, positive drainage around and away from it is crucial. Divert rainwater surface runoff around and away from your building."

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Can a corroded light cover in an inground pool cause metal stains on a pool liner?

Yes.. If the lite ring or facering are corroded the chemical ballance has been way off..

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How many grams of protein are in 200 grams of termites?

Idk pls hel0


Why do termites eat wood faster when loud music is being played around?

because they like the beat.


Where can you buy boric acid for homemade insecticide?

You can buy Boric Acid in Wal-Mart and similar stores. It is usually in the first aid section. Do not buy Borax, which is not the same thing and will not kill fleas.


Can Termites eat gurjan wood?

due to presence of resin quantity it should be toxic for termite and its difficults for them to feed on gurjan wood...


What protozoans live in the guts of termites and digest the cellulose in the wood?


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Do termites fly?

Yes, termites do fly at certain stages of their life. They can be seen "swarming" usually in the spring. You can see their wings before they are shed in a later stage of development.


Do robins eat termites?

Yes, Robins do eat termites


How mosquito get food?

they drink peoples/animals blood and get nutrition from that


How are termites born?

Im trying to figure out how temites are born , kay thanks

Termites in any colony are produced by the queen termite. This termite queen typically resides in the center of a colony network. The queen will sit in the center of said colony and pop out eggs all day (more than 1000 a day).


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