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Put the effected area in hot water, as hot as you can stand.

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Q: How do you treat your weever fish sting?
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How do sea scorpions and weever fish catch their food?

they wait for any small fish that swims past.

What happens if you don't treat a weaver fish sting?

You foot falls off¬! You foot falls off¬!

What do Weever fish eat?

Very small fish and shrimps it catches its prey on beach shores when it's buried under sand

What is definition of sparrow fish?

I got stung by a weever fish on holiday in Portugal and the lifeguard who treated me initially called it a sparrow fish, at least I think that's what he said (he had a strong Portuguese accent). Someone else said it was a weever fish so I'm thinking that maybe sparrow fish is the local name for it? Nasty little buggers, and it was VERY sore - google it!

What fish are good to eat?

snapper crab lobster crayfish tuna sardine weever sea cucumber

Who eats the weever fish?

I wish I knew as I am trying to research it at this moment in time and am struggling at finding a answer for science!

When was John Weever born?

John Weever was born in 1576.

When did John Weever die?

John Weever died in 1632.

Why do sting ray likes water?

sting rays are fish and have gills. leran about fish

What did people in the 1800's use for a bee sting?

they treat bee sting in the 1800 by cold food and snow

Do pipe fish sting?

Yes, they do. There are 200 species of pipe fish and most of them sting. they are most commonly in tropical waters and can sting when trodden on.

The name of the only venomous fish in the British waters?

the lesser weever in the shallows injects poison through spines on it's back