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Take the car to a large parking lot and turn the wheels while accelerating moderately; with the wheels still turned, stop and do it in reverse. Listen for any clicking, knocking noise. By loading the bearings in forward and reverse a bad CV will usually make noise.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-25 08:59:23
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Q: How do you troubleshoot CV joints on a 95 Ford Aspire?
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Where is the relay switch located on a 1994 Ford Aspire?

where's the relay on a 95 ford aspire Which Relay?

Where is the turbo located in a 95 Ford Aspire?


I have a 95 Ford Aspire there is oil in the radiator why is this?

Head Gasket

Where is carburetor in 95 ford aspire?

There is no carburetor on this vehicle. It is multi-point fuel injected.

Where is atf dispstick for automatic 95 Ford Aspire?

On a 1995 Ford Aspire : If you stand at the front of the vehicle and look in the engine compartment the automatic transaxle fluid dipstick is in the area to the LEFT of your battery ( according to a drawing I was looking at of the engine compartment of a 1996 Ford Aspire )

Where is the oil filter on a 95 Ford Aspire?

On the side of the engine, right above the drain pan.

How fast is the average Ford Aspire?

with a pretty decent motor about a new aspire when they was bout 105 but if its used and has bout 100000 it will go 85 to 95 mph

Is the voltage regulator built into the alternator on a 1995 Ford Aspire?

Yes it is. I am having trouble with alternators on my 95 Aspire. They keep going out and I cannot find the problem.

How do you change fuel pump on 95 Ford Aspire?

remove rear seat and then remove access panel

How do you remove fuel pump from 1995 Ford Aspire?

On my 95 aspire the fuel pump went out and I had to take out the back seat and the fuel tank is there along with the fuel pump.

What type of oil is used in a 95 Ford Aspire 1.3 liter and capicity?

The ( 1996 ) Ford Aspire owners manual shows : 5 w 30 (3.6 quarts / 3.4 liters ) WITH ENGINE OIL FILTER CHANGE

It there a site where you can find a pictures and diagram for a 95 Ford Aspire?

You can usually go to a main library that has manuals for engines as well as transmission diagrams.

Oil capacity of a 1995 Ford?

on a 95 aspire 1.3L it takes 4 qts of motor oil and 6qts of trany fluid dex 3

1996 Ford Aspire automatic transmission diagram?

i have a 95 ford aspire automatic..rebuilt the trans but high gear and reverse does not work when wheels are on the power..what can i do I have the answer to both questions email me at and I will send the diagram and the service prcedure to fix the no reverse and 3rd gear problem

I have a 95 Ford Aspire Is there any coil springs other then factory ones that will fit an Aspire strut?

a 95 civic set should work and will be cheaper than buying even one new spring. they do have really high spring rates though... or you could shell out for lowering springs from in the performance section.

What will the 4 cylinder engine and automatic transmission from a 1995 Geo metro fit in?

another 95 Geo- maybe a ford aspire, a old dodge colt or a lawnmower.

How many miles per gallon does a 95' Ford Aspire get?

According to a website I was looking at : For a 1995 Ford Aspire , 1.3 liter four cylinder : ( 5 speed manual is 31 city / 38 highway ) ( 3 speed automatic is 25 city / 31 highway ) Miles per U.S. gallon

What weight oil is used for a 95 Ford Aspire?

According to the ( 1996 ) Ford Aspire Owner Guide : The PREFERRED oil weight is ( 5W-30 ) With engine oil filter change : The 1.3 liter / 81 cubic inch four cylinder engine takes : ( 3.6 U.S. quarts / 3.4 liters of PREFERRABLY 5W-30 )

How do you change dash lights on a 95 Ford Ranger?

How to change dash lights on a 95 Ford Ranger?

Your 95 aspire growls while driving its coming from the front of the car.what could it be?

check your wheel bearings

What type of antifreese for a 95 Ford Aspire and how much does it take?

According to the ( 1996 ) Ford Aspire Owner Guide : It came from the factory with a 50 / 50 mix of distilled water and GREEN color antifreeze ( meeting Ford specification ESE-M97B44-A ) The engine cooling system capacity is 6.3 U.S. quarts ( so for a 50 / 50 mix it would take 3.15 quarts of antifreeze and 3.15 quarts of preferrably distilled water ) Ford states not to exceed 60 % antifreeze ( which would be 3.78 quarts /almost 1 U.S. gallon )

What are the replaceable parts on an axle from a 95 ford escort?

The only replacable parts on an axle are the axle boots. The axle constant velocity joints take special equipment to rebuild the half-shafts.

Why does 95 ford crown Victoria make a clank noise when shifting into drive or reverse?

Have your u-joints checked on the drive shaft. Most likely need to be replaced. If that's not it, then check the slack in the diff.

Will a 95 Ford Explorer transmission fit in a 96 Ford Explorer?

No it will not

Do you have to have a ball joint press to change the ball joints on a 95 thunderbird?

No you do not need a press. I recently did upper and lower ball joints on my 95 T Bird and it is all bolt on parts. you cant buy just the ball joint, you have to get the whole control arm with the sealed ball joints already in it.