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How do you tune an electric guitar by ear?


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Tuning it PERFECTLY to a perfect E will never happen, but you can definetely tune the guitar itself perfectly. Here's how

The 5th fret of the E-string is the same note as the proceeding A-string. So hit the E-string with the 5th fret held down and the A-string at the same time, then tune the A-string to match the sound of the E's 5th fret. This works E to A, A to D, and D to G, each time tuning the higher string to the lower strings 5th fret. Once you reach G to B though, the 4th fret of G is the open B-string, so match the B-string with the G-string's 4th fret. But then it returns back to normal for the 5th fret B to E, the G to B is the only misfit. The easiest way to match string pitch is to listen to the "wah wah wah wah" of the two strings when they're hit togethor, it sounds kind of bumpy. When you tune the higher string to a place where the sound seems to even out and flatten, you know you've got it.