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Its easy. Both of you get undressed. Get some massage oils. Start massaging. You'll see it go from there.

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make sure she is naked of course. then massage everything real nice. especially the butt. slowly take off the towel and feel anything. then let her do the rest. she will want to suck u. lol

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on the phone or what?

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Q: How do you turn a massage into sex?
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How do you turn my girlfriend on?

I give mine a foot massage or a massage of some kind

What is a massage with a french ending?

finishes up with oral sex

What is a couples massage?

It is usually when the guy gives the girl a massage with the intent of that leading to sex... Or it can be a couple going to a spa, and having therapists give them a massage in the same room.

Is massage better than sex?

OH He--ll no, doesn't come close.

As per Islam can I massage by own nipples?

To massage your own nipple as a kind of self oral sex or masturbation is not allowed in Islam. Refer to question below.

Sex traffickers take advantage of individuals in what locations?

massage parlors danc clubs

What to ask for at massgae parlor?

If it is a massage parlor that provide Relaxation the you want to ask if they provide "Full Service." If they do then you can get sex. If you are at a standard massage parlor then you are there for a massage then you would ask them what type of massage they provide and you will get answers like Swedish masssage, Deep massage, etc. You would then ask them exactly what those are and then choose the one you want.

What are some fun ideas to put in a 'sex coupon book' for him for Valentine's Day?

strip tease. cook him dinner naked. massage. tantric sex.

How can you make your boyfrien turn on?

Shoulder massage. Seductive perfume. Patient and willing attitude.

How can you turn your girl friend on?

There are several things you can do. I turn my girlfried on with a relaxing massage, then get her in the mood by using a little of charm and bedroom talk ;)

How can you arose your husband before sex?

Massage him from head to toeKiss him gently on the neckWear some sexy clothesRole playFellatioFlirt

How do you make your vagina bigger without sex?

Massage it daily with olive oil slowly streaching it out. Or use a cucumber.