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Find an excuse to go someplace alone and quiet, just the two of you. Go for the kiss, if that doesn't change the nature of the relationship in the direction you want, it will probably make everything wierd for a while. Unfortunately, there probably isn't much else you could try that would be quite so decisive.

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Q: How do you turn a platonic friendship into a love affair?
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Should you be uncomfortable that your boyfriend replied to a platonic friendship over craigslist with another female?

ANSWER:You can but give your boyfriend some benefit of a doubt that it's only some kind of friendship. You also need to be more alert, because every platonic friendship will end up in an emotional friendship and then it will turn to physical affair after all they can talk to each others about anything. The man I married was on this situation, he keep saying its only friendship, a friendship that he told her most of everything. At the end they become lovers that turn into love...............just watch it for your own good.

Can an affair turn into true love?

They Say Love Is All About Brain Chemistry. and how that person makes you feel

What can you say about a friendship turn to love?

its harn.and it hurts nasakyan na din ako nyan

What is difference between true love and true friendship?

True Love - probably includes a sexual attraction. If you have true love you'll know. True Friendship - might mean telling secrets and knowing that person won't tell. It's someone you can turn to when you need help. You can have a true friendship with either sex, male or female.

Why did Hera turn Castillo into a bear?

Callisto was turned into a bear by Hera out of jealousy, as she was yet another love affair of Zeus.

Should you end a close very good friendship because you know the person loves you but you will only hurt him because you don't love them back?

If it is a good friendship don't end it tell them your not in to dating them and you just want to stay as friends if they are really a good friend they will understand. I Think you shouldn't. It's possible that you'll love him/her later. A very good friendship may turn into love further on. Don't miss it.

Is it true to say that you are always insane when you are in-love?

No, immature love can turn into obsession, obsession can eventually lead to insanity. Obsession is unhealthy, and hopefully you are asking this question because you are NOT feeling insane. Most people say they kind of love without unhealthy insanity is more like close friendship, but "Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing." (Elie Wiesel). So Bravo is you are not feeling insane, if you are back out of the relationship pronto.

What does amity mean?

amity (noun) = a state of friendship and cordiality

How do you turn the love into friendship?

never talk about the past and laugh out loud whenever you are with him/her .. But if you loveed him/her so much when he/she was ur girl/boy .. This could hurt you a little but !!

How do you turn a platonic friendship into a love affair if the other person is your boss?

easiest way is to go out for a couple of drinks with the person first in a group setting then gradually just the two of you and start spending alone time then it will happen if it is meant to happen. But it all depends on what kind of person your boss is, whether he is already interested in you, or if he is married, in which case, it wasn't meant to happen. Going out for drinks in public with others is good, but you can be coy and do other things too like drop hints, and maybe a back/shoulder rub, sitting on the desk might help with a short skirt (but no fat thighs) if he is a guy, but that might be a bit cliche.

How can you turn your friendship with a boy into love?

From what i have seen- if your friends and you go out its always really awkward. If it doesn't work your friendship will be ruined. Just play it cool and take it a step at a time, But be prepared that if it doent work there is no going back and that you and this guy probably won't be mates.

How do you get you turn on crobat?

Crobat evolves when leveled up with high friendship

What is the duration of Turn on to Love?

The duration of Turn on to Love is 1.38 hours.

What level does golbat turn into crobat?

I'm not sure if it changed, But from what I know, It evolves by friendship. So use items to increase it's friendship.

Is it possible for love to turn into romantic love?

Friends can sometimes become lovers. But love does not always turn into romantic love.

How do you turn a great friendship into a long lasting relationship over time?

It is possible but rarely. Friendship is on different emotional level than romantic relationship

What does it mean when a guys asks you out a lot?

When a guy asks you out a lot it means he is interested enough to get to know you better. If you just like him (not love him at this point in time) give the guy a chance because often healthy relationships that turn into love begins on a friendship basis.

What do you do to get Eevee to evolve into Espeon?

Level it up with high friendship during the DAY. If you level it up with high friendship at night it will turn into umbreon, the dark eevelution

What is ask to turn in sims 3 late night?

It means asking them if you can turn into a vampire .. you have to have full friendship in order for them to say yes though.

How do you turn Eevee psychic?

You need to max out your friendship level with it and level it up during the day.

In Pokemon HeartGold how do you get a high friendship level with a Pokemon?

All you have to do is put whichever Pokemon you want to have a high friendship level with on the front of your team and it will walk behind you. In turn, this will give you a high friendship level. Turning around and talking to it helps too.

Can love turn into lust?

No, If you feel like that, it usually means you just to care about them anymore -.- But lust can turn into love.

What do you do if your best friends crush likes you?

tell them your not interest in anything beyond friendship and then use that friendship with them to say positive things about your friend who has a crush on them in order to turn their attention towards your friend.

When does Pichu turn into pikachu?

Raise pichu's friendship level to the max and level up. It will evolve into pikachu.

How do you get a friendship to turn into a relationship and this is for a teen?

Make a move. Just be cool and ask the person out. Just be casual about it.