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Well, you can be a slut, or, you can get short shorts and fill your breasts. Also, lick whip cream off your finger. For some reason, guys like that.


Show up.


You can eat ice cream of his torso and before having sex, get him to massage your breasts. they will gladly do it. They like doing that.


Signal him, that you are willing to perform fellatio, and let him ejaculate in your mouth. This helps almost all the time. And if you also swallow his semen, he will be your pet.


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Yes, but only if girls do not turn you on.

No, guys wearing Uggs are a turn-off to me.

It depends on the guy. Some guys like it but some guys take it as a turn off.

Jason Vorhees, definitely. He is already the undead.. the Wrong Turn guys are just crazy hillbillies.

yep! Guys who are mean to you, turn out that they like you sometimes.

Just turn down guys that ask you out.

You are born lesbian. It's not something you catch or turn into to.Answeror you can get a bad time with guys and turn to girls.

To turn a guy on through text you can tell him what you are wearing, or not wearing.

they love it when you bite your lip around them

you will find somebody eventually.

No. Usually seen as endearing.

As a guy I would say just ask him, guys love girls that speak their minds, to a certain extent, and I would like it if a girl asked me out. Just remember guys turn down girls, like girls turn down guys.

Being to clingy and getting to jealous seem to be a HUGE turn off.

Many guys like it when a girl has her belly button pierced but some don't. The guys who do like it find it to be a turn on for them.

Nobody can turn gay. Sexual orientation is something you're born with, and it is natural and unchangeable.

I think they do I think it's turn on.

to show that you can make ur butt bounce and turn on guys

Gangsters Guys with shaved heads Mean, rude and impolite people Stalkers >.<' Gangsters Guys with shaved heads Mean, rude and impolite people Stalkers >.<'

Straight guys cannot turn gay. It is impossible.When someone you thought was straight comes out of the closet, it means he was never straight to begin with; he was hiding his true sexual orientation.

i dont know about most guys but my boyfriend doesnt. i bit this neck and asked me why? and i said does it not turn you on? and he said no

Because often guys find large breasts fake and sometimes even slightly grotesque.

No, in fact it's impossible for a straight guy to turn gay for any reason.

I am a guy so I would know this: -a girl that often hangs out with gay guys is a major turn off for the strait guy. -a girl that always wants her way is a turn off to most guys. -for some guys, a girl being smarter than he is is a turn off, but not always. -a HUGE turn off for a guy is the girl being a major feminist. not just minor feminism like believing that girls and guys are equal, but major feminism like believing that a guy is sexist for not wanting Hillary Clinton to be president. -finally, if a girl is too free with her favors, it kind of ruins the idea of a nice sweet girl for a guy.

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