How do you turn off MSDC on a camcorder?

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What is a camcorder?

A camcorder is a portable electronic device (generally a digitalcamera) for recording video images and audio onto a storage device.The camcorder contains both camera and recorder in one unit, henceits portmanteau name. This compares to previous technology wherethey would be separate. The Wikipedia ( Full Answer )

What turns girls off?

Well for one thing if you act like a player and if you keep telling her you dont want to talk to her she is liable to get mad and just quit talking to you

Why will the interior lights not turn off after I turn off the car?

There is normally a switch near the light (or sometimes on the dash) that sets the light to: . Always on . Always off . On when the door is open, off when it's shut. . If that switch is in the correct position, it's going to either be the switch in the door pilar that is jammed in the on positio ( Full Answer )

Turn off and turn off mechanism of thyristor?

The turn off and turn off mechanism of a thyristor can be bestexplained by the gate turn-off thyristor. The thyristor uses thereverse bias mechanism.

How do you turn turn off display?

In order to turn off display in Windows, you will need to go to'power plan settings'. From there, click 'disable display' and saveyour changes.

What is a turn off?

A turn-on is anything that piques our interest or enthusiam, and a turn-off is anything that kills it.

How do you turn a girl on after a turn off?

Depends on how much of a turn off. A small one just act casual or joke about it; if it was a big turn off, then your'e out of luck. And rightly so. It depends, I used to think I was a pretty easy going girl. I was making out with this incredibly hot guy, mind you he was a great kisser until he B ( Full Answer )

Why does truck turn off when making a turn?

It turned off the road onto another road because you turned the steering wheel. But if you mean the engine stopped, you probably have a bare wire in the steering column casing a short which turns off the ignition

TV turns off after it is turned on?

Okay, this could be a lot of issues but if the rest of the television set works fine then this is probably a design feature to shut off the set by itself after you fall asleep. Usually, you can set a time for the TV to shut itself off (after Letterman, for example). Check the operations manual to le ( Full Answer )

What can camcorders do?

Described as simply as possible, camcorders record capture visual input and record it real-time to some kind of media-storage unit. This unit can be a cassette tape, a DVD, or even a hard disk drive. Some people use them to record special moments so that they can be reviewed and shown to friends at ( Full Answer )

How can you troubleshoot your computer if it turns on and then turns off?

I've had this same problem myself. It's really easy to fix if you have an old computer or can get old parts. This will only work if you have a desktop pc. The problem may be in your power supply. It's the box inside your computer that the power cord goes into. I'm not promising that this is going to ( Full Answer )

Your car just turned off and its not turning on?

Well, it could b a few things. It could be that your alternator isn't recharging your battery and it just shut off because it doesnt have the charge 2 keep your vehicle running at the level its used to, by using the raido and such, or it could be a problem with combustion. it could be your fuel supp ( Full Answer )

How do you turn off alarm on watch?

one of the buttons on the side or face of the watch will turn itoff, it varies by brand, see your owner manual for specifics

The car engine does not turn off immediately after you turn it off?

I think it's called "diesel effect". You need to check thecombustion chambers for carbon deposits, also make sure to checkECU for error codes. You might have some ignition system problem. Can also be caused by low octane fuel or engine timing being offmark. Note: A diesel engine does not need an ( Full Answer )

How do you turn off Nokia 5800?

plss look up the 4n and u can see power button .prees it for 5 seconds and it willturn off. :P

How do you turn off a Urinal toilet?

Shut off the main water or on the control, there should be a large plate or washer with a screw slot in it. This should just be a cover plate with another screw under it that I believe should regulate the length of the flush and shut it off if screwed in all the way. It's been a while and things may ( Full Answer )

How do you turn off open with on your computer?

There are two ways to achieve this goal--an automatic way and a manual way. The automatic way is basically, as you may already have guessed, let a third-party program does the job for you. And for this job, I recommend: . FileMenu Tool [link: ] will quickly finish ( Full Answer )

When driving the overdrive will turn off?

Could you rephrase the question? Not sure if you are asking a question or making a statement about your car. Normally the OD will turn off if under a certain speed/load condition (slow speeds, high load).

How do you repair msdc read sector error?

Your memory card has a bad file on it. Copy contents using a mem card reader onto a pc. then format the card in the pc. then put the card in your phone and format it there. After that see how the card is and add files a few at a time to see what is wrong. If it is sandisk you have a five ( Full Answer )

Why does your car turn off when turning?

you are having an idle problem man , when you turn the power steering pump takes place from engine idling power second sugestion , if you are about running out of fuel , means only 10 or less liters reman , it the guy may not reach the fuel during turning and it sucks air so it stall or turn off lis ( Full Answer )

How do turn on or turn off the computer?

You press the giant button on your computer and hold it for 3-5 seconds. It will turn off. To turn it on you do the same thing. Do not press the monitor button that just turns the screen off.

What are the steps in how to turn off and turn on the computer?

Turning on the computer: 1) For a usual computer, press the button on the DVD machine first, then press the other button underneath the screen. For a laptop, just search round the side or beside the keyboard for the button. 2) Wait. 3) Done! Turning off the computer: 1) Press start (green rectangle ( Full Answer )

My sony mp4 webbie hd camcorder won't turn off?

You need to go to the menu, then hover over the exit button and then click start when hovering over the exit, I am not sure if you have this camera that I am talking about but try it out if it is not right please ask me again.

Why wont your polaroid high definition digital camcorder dvf-720 turn on?

Hi I recently received one of these cameras as a freebee with Tesco insurance. It would only work if plugged into the mains regardless of battery showing full on lcd. I have fixed the problem... Look at the three gold battery terminals on the battery. On mine, there was a small amount of black outer ( Full Answer )

How do you turn a camcorder into a webcam?

Connect it via a suitable lead to your computer - then get windows to 'auto-detect' it. Once windows finds it, you should be able to define what the computer does every time you connect the camera.

How do you fix msdc read sector error?

If you are getting a Read Sector error while using your usb connection, you are most probably screwed out of luck. Read Sector errors happen when a Hard Drive has a (microscopic) deformity in it's magnetic coating; whatever was recorded on that spot is gone. In addition, being able to retrieve ( Full Answer )

How do you get your turn signal to turn off after a turn?

In most vehicles, the turn signal automatically turns off when you straighten the steering wheel. In older or malfunctioning vehicles, though, you might have to manually flip the turn signal back to the neutral position.

How do i turn you off?

click the BIG RED BUTTON that says turn off. Oh wait, it says i'm gonna self destruct after you've read this! BOOM, YOU'RE DEAD

What does turning the key on off on off on off on do?

Depends rather on what the particular key is designed to do. Switch some equipment, car, torch etc on and off. Some equipment may not like this, because of a power surge each time it is switched on, so it might break down (fail).