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How do you turn off a modem?


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2005-10-24 15:48:35
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If the modem is external, then you either remove the power cable from the wall or flip the switch on the back to the off position. If the modem is internal then you need to click "Start" in windows, then "Run" and type MSCONFIG.EXE and select the modem and "Disable" it using the apropriate button in the window. Windows will then not recognise it on startup.

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Turn off modemTurn off routerTurn on modem, wait for indication that the modem is onlineTurn on router, wait for indication that router has an internet connectionMay need to go into CMD and release\renew the IP address for computers connected to the router.

Turn off modemTurn off routerTurn on modem, wait for indication that the modem is onlineTurn on router, wait for indication that router has an internet connectionMay need to go into CMD and release\renew the IP address for computers connected to the router.

turn on the modem turn on the modem

Yes, it can be bad for your internet connection.

You will not have the internet access until it is turned back on and then it will reboot

1. A: turn off the cable modem, DCL modem, or other device that you use to connect to your ISP. Turn off the router. B: turn back on the cable modem, DSL,, or other ISP device. Wait until the lights settle. Then turn on your router: on any PC on your network, release and renew the IP address. Open you browser and try to browse some web site.

You have to be a bit more precise, what do you mean by that? You can first try not to turn it off?

Make sure all of the wires are secured and plugged into the modem. Then, turn your modem off for at least 10 seconds, then it turn it on. If this does not solve the problem, then try contacting your ISP (Internet service provider) to get assistance.

this has happened to me also. I discovered an answer that always works: turn your modem and router off, wait a minute, and then turn them back on.

you will probably have to reset your modem because your xbox is not the problem it is your modem which cannot connect to the internet. So i recommend turning the modem off for 30 secs. and then turn it back on and try it.

No it does not. If your computer is off, it cannot send or receive data via the modem !

It is not recommended that the broadband modem be disconnected at any time. The one exception is when you powercycle (unplug, hold it out of electrical outlet for a minute) to reboot the modem. The modem is designed to stay on at all times, but you can turn your computer off, if you want.

The I-net modem works with PC Login or Dialup network. If it's through router just disable connection & continue with other work.If Dialup then just swith it off!

Yes its totaly necessary because if you get hacked the hacker could delete windows. So when your computer is on and your not using it turn off your modem or turn off your computer.

for some reason there is not any information online about this. I take it as a "yes" the only way to not get hacked is to turn off unplug modem...turn OFF CPU? but that's a lot of wear and tear on the machine after a while.

i had the similar problem! a tip!do you have a Modem or such router?then take out the internet cable for about 30 seconds (and if you can turn the modem/router off do that too) then plug it in and test it!

(not a correct answer) Of course a modem shouldn't be turned off while not in use it will loose its memory and you would have to reprogram it, so keep it on. Modem can be turned off to save power and to prevent it from over heating if they are not in a well ventilated place when not in use. All good modems are designed for continuous usage. and should be able to remain on for long time (many months and years) as long as there is no software glitch or malfunction causing it to hang. Modems will not loose any memory and will not need any reprogramming when turned back on. All settings are stored in a non-volatile memory which is not erased when device is off. The embedded software is also in a Flash memory. Some service providers recommend that you keep the modem on so that in case there is a software/modem firmware update from their side, it can be updated while modem is on. It can also be updated when you are keeping the modem off and next time when you turn on the modem. Keeping your computer and modem off when not in use is a good idea to save power and protect your system from network attacks and misuse if there is no firewall installed. - Neeraj Sharma

Use modem to call taxi service. They will run everything.

The modem and the computer are separate from each other. The modem is what brings Internet into your house, and then an Ethernet cable brings it to your computer or a router. It is not recommended that you shut off the modem.

Depends on the make and model. It is generally a good idea to turn off anything that you are not using because it extends service life. If your modem is a wireless router, than if you turn it off, no one in the neighborhood can use it(provided they had your security info ) but neither can anyone else in your house. Also, some modems sap power and stay warm when the computer is on. If you want to leave it on, nothing will break. However if you want your modem to last as long as possible, save power, and prevent it from being used by someone other than yourself than you should turn it off.

To reset the automatic cut off time on your modem, you will need to reset your modem to use your modem past 12 midnight.

a. Replace the motherboard. b. Disable the modem port and install a modem card in an expansion slot. c. Use an external modem that connects to the serial or USB port. d. Return the motherboard to the factory for repair. If the motherboard is important, replace the motherboard. Other components may be failing and undetected. If the motherboard isn't in a critical piece of hardware, I would simply turn the modem off in the BIOS and add a new modem in an expansion slot.

First, turn off your modem, wait thirty seconds, and turn it back on. If this does not work, try to restart your computer. If it is still not working, check the cables. Lastly, call your provider.

Turn of your Xbox, your router, and your modem (actually, remove the plug from the wall in the case of the modem). Wait 10 minutes. Plug the modem back in and turn it on. After it's up, turn on your router. After it's up, try powering up your Xbox again and logging back on.

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