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Usually the hazzard button is located on the center/top of the steering column. Just press down the button and it should release. down=on/up=off, but if the battery is dead this won't matter until you install a new battery

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Q: How do you turn off hazzard lights when battery is dead?
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You can turn your key in your truck but no lights or anything happens?

Dead battery or dirty/loose battery connections.

Why would just the headlights not come on when you turn on the lights?

A broken wire, a dead battery.

How do you know if your battery is dead in a 2002 corolla?

turn the key, and if the interior lights don't come on or flicker, then its dead.

Why a car won't turn on when the Dashboard Lights and Gauges go on and off quickly?

loose battery connection, or dead battery.

Turn signal and hazzard lights do'nt work?

Check fuse and/or flasher

What would cause all your lights and turn signals not to work only at night time?

A dead battery

87 Pontanic SubBird turn the key switch and dash lights don't come on and will not turn motor over?

dead battery ???

What is wrong if you turn the key and car won't start there are no lights no radio no dashboard lights?

Most likely your car battery is completley dead.

Your 1988 ford ranger will not turn over nor will lights come on?

Sounds like a bad battery cable connection or a dead battery

1995 Ford Ranger won't turn over?

Do any of your lights work ? If not it sounds like a battery cable connection or a dead battery

Why does your ATV battery go dead after using lights?

The magnatron is not recharging the battery or the lights are drawing too much power to allow the battery to recharge. The best thing you can do is when you are done riding, turn the lights off and allow the machine to run for a while to recharge that battery.

What is wrong with the car when it won't turn on but all the lights inside the car and the radio come on but the head lights won't?

Maybe you have a problem with your car's battery. If your battery's dead, your interior lights and radio wont turn on. So if you wait for a while and your radio wont turn on, then probably the problem is with the battery. If it is, than you should check the your battery fluid. If its not the battery, maybe there is something wrong with your starter motor.

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