How do you turn off magnifier in windows vista?

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Click the windows icon bottom left of your screen. Go to control panel. Then click Ease of Access. Now click Ease of Access center. Now click on Make the computer easier to see. Now uncheck Turn on Narrator and/or turn on Magnifier. To finish click apply. Alternatively There are reports if the magnifier starting up randomly and while it can be started it is not so easy to stop it! To stop it, press Control-Alt-Delete and then start the "Task Manager". Select the "Processes" tab, locate and select the Magnifier.exe process, then click the "End process" button. This will remove the magnifier from the screen, without altering any settings, as someone else may have started it up for genuine reasons.

Or, you could do this:
After I unchecked the box to turn on the magnifier, it still kept popping up.
After I replaced my wireless complicated mouse (the one with buttons on the side) and installed a simple plug in with one wheel, the problem disappeared.
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How do you get Windows Vista?

You purchase it at the nearest computer shop but they don't sell them much because of windows 7.

How do you turn off Sticky Keys in Windows Vista?

In Windows XP/Vista: Click on Start > Control Panel >> Accessibility Options >> Remove all check-marks. "But wait, there's more! That isn't enough to get rid of FilterKeys, you also have to go to the Settings sub-menu and remove the check-marks there.. "Hit OK twice and you're finally rid of the ( Full Answer )

Why does my NEW Toshiba laptop with vista keep turning off unexpectedly?


Is Windows Vista a rip off?

Many would think so (with some justification), my computer cam with it pre-installed and it has not been stable and none of my old applications would work on it.

How do you turn off magnifier in Windows XP?

In Windows XP, if the magnifier button is up on the screen,right-click the button, and click close. However if the magnifierbutton is not up, you will need to access the start menu. Afterselecting the start menu, select accessories, then accessibility,and select magnifier. The magnifier box will be ( Full Answer )

How do you turn off magnifier in windows?

Magnifier is one of the many tools included in Windows to help makethose with visual disabilities comfortable using the computer. Inorder to turn it off you need to Click on the Start button, AllPrograms, Accessories, Ease of Access Center, Then click on 'Makethe computer easier to use' near the bot ( Full Answer )

Why won't windows firewall turn off?

It is possible that when Windows Firewall won't turn off, there isa problem with the Firewall itself. There is also a possibilitythat the program is waiting for authentication. Try signing in asan administrator, then turn the Firewall off.

How do you print stuff off of a windows vista laptop?

If you would like to print a document or file using Windows Vista, there's an easy process to follow. First, open up the document you would like to print by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Documents . Next, find the file that you would like to print. Finally, right-click on ( Full Answer )

How do you turn off automatic restart after vista shuts down?

Configuring your Vista PC to keep it from automatically restarting is a relatively simple process. Here's how you do it: . 1. Click the start button, and then click "Control Panel.". 2. Now click on "System and Maintenance.". 3. Click on "System.". 4. Click on the "Advanced System Setting ( Full Answer )

How to Turn off handwriting recognition in vista?

Open the pad/panel/slideythingwtfever and go to "tools" and click "options". Follow to the "opening" tab and just...rather simply, deselect EVERYTHING under "input panel icons and tab". Hit apply, OK, then close it.

What is Windows Vista?

Windows Vista (formerly codenamed Longhorn) is the next evolution of Windows. It offers an advancement in reliability, security, performance, and manageability over Windows XP. As of July 30, 2005, Windows Vista was in the beta 1 phase and was expected to be released in 2006. Windows Vista is a new ( Full Answer )

What does 'Vista' stand for in Windows Vista?

"Vista" is not only the Italian and Spanish word for "View" or "Sight", but is also the Portuguese word for it. "Vista" is also the feminine past participle of the verb "ver" (to see), in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. I will show examples in Portuguese: "Ela gosta de ser vista de vestido vermelho ( Full Answer )

I have Windows Vista so there is windows firewall already turned on but I also have Norton Antivirus. Should I turn the windows firewall off if I already have Norton?

Only disable your Windows Firewall if you have another firewall solution that is active and being monitored. If Norton has a firewall that is running simultaneously with your Windows firewall, then it is safe to shut one or the other off (and usually recommended to do so). Running multiple firewalls ( Full Answer )

How do you turn off windows zero configuration?

To disable Wireless Zero Configuration service , browse to the Control Panel , then Administrative Tools and finally double-click on Services .. Alternatively, you can select Run from the Windows Start Menu , type services.msc and hit OK .. From the Services Window you will want to ( Full Answer )

How do you Turn off welcome center in vista?

There is a small tickbox in the lower-left corner of the window, with a message along the lines of "Open Welcome Centre on Startup". It is ticked by default; untick it, and it should stop coming up when you start the computer.

Windows Vista or windows 7?

I would say Windows 7. Normally i would say it's what suits you but in this case, know for a fact that Windows 7 is much less frustrating than Vista. It doesn't crash (as much), its much faster, better UI, comes with more updated preloaded software. Its just better in total. Believe me. Google it ( Full Answer )

Does Windows vista have windows explorer?

Windows explorer is the process which allows you to view your desktop, icons, browse folders. You can find it by opening task manager and locate explorer.exe

How turn off magnifier in xp?

Somewhere on your mouse is an extra button that turns your magnifier on and off. Mine is on the left side of the mouse near my thumb that holds the mouse and I am constantly clicking it by accident. Find that button and it will toggle the magnifier on and off. Note that with my mouse, you must al ( Full Answer )

How do you keep the display from turning off in Windows Vista?

Go to Start -> Control Panel, then double click on 'Power Options'. Under the preferred plans section, select the 'Change plan settings' option for whichever entry is selected. In the drop-down box labeled 'Turn off the display', select 'Never'. Hit 'Save changes', and the display should no longer t ( Full Answer )

Vista Turn off sticky keys?

IF you pressed CTRL 5 times, then press both CTRL. The same goes for SHIFT, ALT etc.

How do you turn automatic updates off in Windows Vista?

From the Start Menu, select All Programs, then Windows Update. From the left pane of the 'Windows Update' window, click on 'Change Settings.' Select the appropriate option from the list (e.g. 'Never check for updates (not recommended)' to disable automatic updating), then click on OK at the bottom.

What are the ways to turn off Vista UAC?

Hi,\n. \nDownload Smart UAC replacement - it will never annoy you.\nSmart UAC Replacement features:\n. \n•Smart UAC Replacement automatically determines if a certain program operation can be allowed;\n. \n•It helps in choosing of the exact action for a troubling program;\n. \n•Tra ( Full Answer )

How do you switch off UAC in Windows Vista?

You can disable it and replace with Smart UAC replacement.\n. \nSmart UAC Replacement features:\n. \n•Smart UAC Replacement automatically determines if a certain program operation can be allowed;\n•It helps in choosing of the exact action for a troubling program;\n•Tracking harmful ( Full Answer )

How do you turn off system restore in Vista?

Hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press the Pause/Break button to bring up the Control Panel->System window. On the left you should see a list of options. Click on the one that says "System protection." This will open a System Properties window, which may take a minute or two to comp ( Full Answer )

Can you get Windows Vista off your laptop?

You can, but I would recommend using windows 7 rather than XP since some of the hardware may be incompatible with XP. Plus Windows 7 is pretty slick and fast, with much fewer problems than vista.

What does Windows 7 do that Windows Vista does not?

There are many new additions to Windows 7, including: -Jumplists -Built-in ISO burner -Customization of Notification Area -XP Mode (Not just compatibility view) -Improved touch/touchscreen capability -Record steps of your problem to send to someone with the "Problem Steps Recorder" -Magnifier -Bet ( Full Answer )

Should you shut off your computer before you shut down Windows Vista?

...if you shut off your computer.... you shut off windows along with it. Explain to me how you would shut down vista after your computer is off. That's a question worth asking on this site. The answer is almost as interesting as the question. The simple answer is 'NO', shut down Windows (whiche ( Full Answer )

How do you turn Windows Defender off?

Click small icon on bottom right setting->realtime protection-> and have box unchecked No point in doing that. You can disable for some program if you want. BUT, unless it is from a reliable big company, doing so will probably get you infected.

How do you turn off wireless on windows 7?

If you have the Fn button on your computer press it while pressing the F2(it should be a tower with signal coming out(if not locate it on the top)) on the button. A box should pop up on your screen saying you disconnected it If you don't have that go to your Wireless Connection on your computer and ( Full Answer )

When would you turn windows firewall off?

Never,You don't need to turn windows firewall off unless you are upgrading a patch for game which it self will ask you to turn it off and it will guide you through the process of steps Windows Firewall.

How do you turn off the firewall in Windows XP?

Open Windows Firewall by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel , clicking Security , and then clicking Windows Firewall . . Click Turn Windows Firewall on or off . If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. . Cli ( Full Answer )

Is it OK to turn off windows update?

It is okay. However, you should manually go to Windows Update every once in a while. Or install a program like Belarc Advisor which you can periodically run to tell you what updates you need.

How do you turn off volume in windows 7?

Click the speaker on your start menu bar close to the clock to adjust or mute your Windows sound. Or search in your start menu for sound to enable/disable devices. Also found in the Control Panel.

How do you magnify in Windows 7?

If you have a wheel-mouse, the easy way is to hold down the CTRL key, and slide the wheel away from you - this increases the size of everything on the screen. Sliding the wheel towards you has the reverse effect.

How do you get rid of magnifier in windows 7?

Open any folder and copy this into the address line to find the setting to remove autostart of magnifier: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Ease of Access Center\Make the computer easier to see To remove it one time click the glass and cross it out.

How do you turn off Windows 8?

As of may 2013(before Windows 8.1 aka Blue) . Easiest is to use Ctrl+Alt+Del and clicking the power button in the bottom right corner. . Some computers will also give the W7 layout if clicking Alt+F4 with out any applications running. . One could also add a custom shutdown button, give it an ic ( Full Answer )

How can one turn off Windows Vista updates?

One can turn off Windows Vista updates by going to their Start button and finding their Control Panel. After locating the Control Panel, one can go to the System tab. At the interface for the System, one can go to the "See also" area to look for the Windows Update settings information and change the ( Full Answer )

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Early microscopes were indeed a single blob of glass. It was foundthat using one lens after another, would multiply themagnification. Most laboratory microscopes have a choice ofobjective lenses of different magnifications, whilst the eyepieceremains the same.