How do you turn off the alarm and chime on Athletic Works watch?

I have the AW21312W, which has 4 buttons:

  1. Light (Top left)
  2. Mode (Bottom Left)
  3. Start/Stop (Top Right)
  4. Lap/Reset (Bottom right)
To turn the set alarm off, push buttons 3 and 4 at the same time, the alarm icon should appear or disappear

To turn off the hourly chime, press button 4. While holding it down, press button 2 and the days of the week disappear. The chime is now off. If you want the chime, press button 4 and hold while you press button 2. When all the days show, the chime is on.

On my digital watch you first need to press 2 until the alarm time is shown. There should be icons to show if the alarm is on and if it's chiming the hour. To change these hold down 3 then press 2 to switch through the different possibilities, ie just alarm on, just hour chime on, or both on or off.

* On the AW60458W sport watch, turn off the hourly chime by staying in CLK (normal) mode, holding down the LAP/RESET button to display the alarm time, and pressing the MODE (left side) button. When the hourly chime is on, all 7 days of the week appear selected. Otherwise it is off. Pressing the MODE button toggles this function on and off.