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call your viocemail and turn it off through their settings


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yes its in the phone app

It is difficult to state which voice mail system is the best because people search for different qualities in a voice mail system. Some examples of good voice mail systems are the following: Google voice and iPhone visual voice mail.

none of your buisness just go to pixxie

you can only dial on the calls section.

you can turn your ipod touch into a iphone using it.

The most popular iPhone apps that offer voicemail to text options are YouMail Visual Voicemail, PhoneTag, HulloMail, Google Voice, Yap Voicemail and Jott.

MTN in RSA does not have the Visual Viocemail function.

Please turn off my voicemail. My number is 0686152083

How can you avoid AT&T voice mail announcement and go straight to voice mail?

the iphone 4 s has better voice recognition and the regular iphone pretty much has horrible voice recognition

how do I change the voice mail password

help set up voice mail


Click phone icon, voicemail icon on right. Click greeting on top right and then change to custom.

That is the point of voice mail. We cannot be available all the time. The voice mail will be saved and then you access it the next time you switch on your 'phone.

it means you get voice with your mail

The length of a voice mail you can leave on someone's voice mail answering service is three minutes. That's the standard amount of time.

Voice mail broadcasting is a form of advertising. It allows a business to communicate with customers by leaving them messages on the voice mail of their cell phone.

Voice mail on my computer need phone line?

Voice Mail - album - was created in 1992.

If you purchase the iPhone 4S Siri (the voice) is automatically built in. It is not available for earlier handsets.

Yes, you can. There are a lot of recording apps available for iPhone.

I would say the IPhone because the Itouch only has the ability for Wifi and apps and the basics. But the Ipone has Calling abilities and voice abilities where as the Iphone has no voice capability.

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