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How do you twirl a drum stick with your fingers?



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# Start with the drumstick in the standard position in your hand, with the stick's centre of gravity just above the index finger. # As you give the stick a small push over your index finger with your thumb, keep your index finger in the same place, and bring all your other fingers away. # Let the stick fall over the index finger, and place your middle finger on the stick. The stick should now be between your index and middle finger, with the tip of the stick facing downwards. # Let your index finger push the stick over to rest between your middle finger and third finger, so that the tip is facing upwards again. # Let the stick fall between your third and little finger. The tip should be facing you again. # If you want to be able to twirl without pauses, when it gets to passing the stick to the thumb again, instead, bring your middle finger under, so that your little and middle fingers are under the stick facing you, and your third finger is on top. Then let go with your little finger and bring it round with your index finger again. # Push the stick round and hold it in between your thumb and index finger again.