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You can type your own words in public on Moshi Monsters in the Forums and in Comments to articles in the Daily Growl.

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How do you get a code for Moshi Monsters without buying the Moshi Monsters?

you type in any code that the moshi monsters people made. Just type Moshi monsters secret codes and you'll have all the codes they made. =)

Where do you type in the cheat codes on Moshi Monsters?

Cheating is not allowed on Moshi Monsters.

How do you get your moshi monster back on the game?

If You Log Off On Moshi Monsters You Have To Go On Moshi Monsters Sign In And Just Type In Your Monsters Pass And User Name

What type of Moshi is the Elder on Moshi Monsters?

The Elder on Moshi Monsters is s Furi. He is Elder Furi, the leader of the Super Moshis.

How do you get a new monstar on Moshi Monsters?

Well you just go to google and type in moshi Monsters Adoption

How do you get 9000000000 rox on Moshi Monsters?

to get 90000 rox on moshi monsters all you have to do is type in this code opalpet33226

How do you get Rocy the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

when u sign in to moshi monsters in the 3rd box type in hobbididance

How do you get Gaby on Moshi Monsters?

It's really simple to get on Moshi Monsters all you do on the Google bar is type in Moshi Monsters. And then you hit Moshi Monsters and then you hit adoption center and then you pick your monster and when your done you need to wait for an email from Moshi Monsters and then you back in the website and then sign in.

What happens after you type your code on Moshi Monsters?

when you type in you code on moshi monsters is actully brings you a member passport and you get to be a free member for 4 months . It happend to me add me on moshi monsters my name is axxaxx. thank you ..

Where do you type in Moshi Monsters codes?

You type the codes in the box on the Sign In page on Moshi Monsters that says, "If you have a secret code, you can enter it here:"

What do you have to tipe to get to mushi monsters?

go on google, then type moshi monsters

Where to write in your coupon code in moshi monsters?

On the Moshi Monsters sign in page there is a box for you to type your secret code.

Can you get a pear on Moshi Monsters?

No, so far, there is not a pear nor a pear type food available on Moshi Monsters.

What do you do for the username on Moshi Monsters?

type in what u want people to call you on moshi monsters and not too hard to pronounce

How do you get Blobert on Moshi Monsters?

Type MOSHIMOSHI11 in the Secret Code box on the Secret Code page on Moshi Monsters to get Blobert.

Moshi Monsters how do you get rockey?

When you log in type in the code HOBBIDIDANCE in capitle letters.Go to my house on moshi monsters my name is rebecca8002

How do you get moshi on moshi monstres?

you have to type in moshi monsters and then click it and then click the thing that says adopt monster

How do you type a b.f.f news on Moshi Monsters?

Well you can't the moshi monster team does it for you.

How do you type something on Moshi Monsters?

The main place you can type on Moshi Monsters is your Pinboard, located in the top left corner of the 1st room in your Moshi Monsters house and on your friend's Pinboards. You can also type on the Forums and comment on news in the Daily Growl. You also type to enter codes on Moshi Monsters. There is a link at the bottom of the Moshi Monsters game pages that says "ENTER SECRET CODE!" Click on that link and it takes you to a page where you can enter codes. Click on 'Enter Code Here' and enter your code.

What are the moshi cheat codes?

moshi cheat codes are codes u type in when you log in 2 moshi monsters

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