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She is not in kart racing.

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โˆ™ 2010-09-21 17:44:52
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Q: How do you unlock Amy Rose on kart racing in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?
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How you unlock mini games for the Game Boy Advance in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

There are no minigames for the GBA that you can unlock in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. You can unlock the boss battles and racing minigames, but they are played on the GC like the rest of the game.

How do you be Amy Rose on sonic adventure 2 battle?

You can only be Amy on the 2 Player stages, unless you unlock her on Cart Racing.

How do you be super sonic and hyper shadow in sonic adventure battle 2?

unlock him by shagging the boss

How do you unlock a pupple egg on sonic adventure 2 battle?

Collect emblems

How do you unlock hell on sonic adventure battle 2?

after beating the game 1000times

How do you unlock sonic adventure battle 2 on sonic mega collection gamecube?

Actually, you can't...... You just.... can't... If you want to play Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, you'll have to buy the game Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Not trying to sound stupid by the way.)

What sonic games is Amy rose playable?

In Sonic Adventure 2 Battle(she is very hard 2 unlock get all rank A's with sonic!)Sonic Adventure DX,Sonic Advance 1 2 and 3(in 1 of them you have 2 unlock her).Sonic Riders.

Is it out sonic adventure 4 battle?

There is no Sonic Adventure 4 Battle, there is Sonic Adventure 2 Battle but that was released 8 years ago.

How do you unlock the jewel race in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

To unlock the jewel race you have to complete all of the beginner races.

Was Sonic adventure 2 battle before of after Sonic DX?

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle came out 1 year before Sonic Adventure DX.

What Sonic Game is Best for Chao Raising?

Sonic adventure battle 2

Can you use Sonic Advance 2 with Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

No as Sonic Advance 2 came out after Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was only made to be compatible with Sonic Advance.

Can you play sonic adventure battle 1 on sonic mega collection?

There is no such thing as Sonic Adventure Battle 1, nonetheless no Sonic Adventure is playable on Sonic Mega Collection.

Is there a sonic adventure battle 3 coming out?

there is sonic adventure 3

What is kart racing in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

Kart racing is a minigame that lets you drive a car with your favorite sonic characters. Emblems can be received for finishing all 3 courses.

What is the cheat to unlock every level on sonic adventure 2 battle?

There are no cheats, except for Action Replay.

Sonic dx adventure?

this is essentially sonic adventure expansion where you can unlock old sonic games by collecting emblems

How do you unlock Amy in Sonic Adventure 2 battle in player 2 battle?

Amy is already unlocked, just choose to play as her

Sonic adventure 2 battle?

Sonic adventure 2 battle is a video game to Game Cube.

Is there a sequel to sonic adventure A.Yes Also there is a sonic adventure 2 battle for gamecube?

Yes there is a sonic adventure 2 battle for the gamecube. I know because I have it~

What is the name of the game with sonic and the Chao's?

Sonic Adventure Battle (DC/GC) and Sonic Adventure Battle 2 (DC/GC)

How do you unlock metal sonic in sadx?

in sonic adventure dx you can only unlock metal sonic by collecting 130 sonic emblems.

What sonic games are rouge playable?

Rouge can be played as in... Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Sonic Battle sonic riders That is all I can think of.

Is Sonic Adventure 2 on DSi?

No, Sonic Adventure 2 is only on Dreamcast and Gamecube as Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

How do you unlock sonic adventure dx on sonic mega collection?

You can`t.