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how to unlock radio on a 2001 Cadillac dts


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I purchased a radio for my 2203 cadilac cts from ebay.I need to unlock and i wasnt given code.How can i get the code from radio

Your GM dealer is the only place you may get the code for free. Actually, you can get the unlock code for your radio from I got my code through them for $4.99 and got it in an hour or two. Good luck!

I would consult either the manual, or you nearest Cadillac dealership :).

if the radio came out of same truck nothing is needed to do should be already set up and vin in radio. if you switched radio from another truck into this one it needs to be programmed and set up at a dealer.

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The radio has an antitheft feature that locks the radio any time battery power is lost to the unit. You will need the security code to unlock it. Look in the glove box for a sticker that has the radio serial number on it. If not there, then you will have to remove the radio to get it. Take this number and your car's registration to the local dealer and he can look up your code. Enter this 5 digit number when you turn the radio on, and it should return to normal.

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You need the radio unlock code in the radio manual

The unlock code for the radio is different for every radio. You will need to find the serial number on the radio and call the dealer for the unlock code.

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There is nothing to reset except the radio presets and the clock unless it has an antitheft radio. In that case you must insert the code for the radio.

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go to a Chevy dealer and they can get the code from your serial# of your truck

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with the motor running and radio off press buttons 1 and 4 on the radio this should unlock the radio

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