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You do not unlock a Sim card; you unlock the phone

To do this without modding the phone or getting an unlock code, you can go and purchase a Sim card add-on such as Turbosim or Hypersim.

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Q: How do you unlock a SIM card with out the password?
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How do you unlock memory card if we forget password?

I want to unlock my memory card but i forget my password

What will you do if your SIM card is locked?

unlock it

How do you unlock the password of memory card of nokia 3500 classic?

how to unlock NOKIA 3500 CLASSIC memory card password

How do you unlock SIM card?

if you write your Sim card code or PUK code incorrectly many times your whole Sim card is blocked!! i suggest you should get new Sim card instead.

How can you unlock a blackberry password?

If it is sim password,I would suggest you to get an unlock code from at low price for your blackberry mobile phone.

How do I enter unlock code for htc touch pro 2 if The phone don't ask YOUfor an unlock code when I inset sim card?

If you insert the sim card in the HTC Touch Pro 2 and it does not prompt you for an unlock code then try using another sim card. Inserting the sim card should prompt for a code.

How do you unlock a safelink wireless SIM card?

How do unblock sim on safelink phone

Nokia 6085 but it wont unlock can you unlock without sim card.?

Yes, you can unlock your Nokia 6085 without any sim card by getting an unlock code from and following the free instructions provided by them.

How do you change an Optus sim card to a Telstra sim card?

I had to unlock my phone and what you do is ring up your current provider and they will give you a code to put in to your phone which will unlock it from the provider and then you can use any sim card from any provider in the phone.

How do you use a T-Mobile SIM card in an ATT phone?

you have to go online to buy a unlock code for the phone, once you have the unlock code you can put the sim card in and it will ask you for the code.if not you can buy a sim card holder that can convert your tmobile sim card into the at&t phone so you have use of the at&t phone, but with tmobile!get it?yes, you can. as long as your sim card will fit in the sim card slot.

How do you unlock a SIM card?

call your phone provider

How do you enter unlock code for htc touch pro 2 if The phone don't ask me for an unlock code when I inset sim card?

In order to unlock the HTC Touch Pro phone you need to enter the unlock code. The unlock code should be prompted when the sim card is inserted. If the prompt fails to appear try using a different sim card.

What are some codes to unlock a samsung tracfone?

Samsung Tracfones can be unlocked by purchasing a SIM card. Each SIM card comes with a PUK code which will unlock the phone for use.

How do i unlock a sidekick id for a cingular SIM card?

How do you unlock Motorola v3?

You can unlock a Motorola V3 by requesting an unlock code from your service provider. You will need to supply them with the phone's IMEI number. Turn the phone off, remove the battery and SIM card and put another SIM card from an alternative network provider into the SIM card slot. Turn the phone on and enter the unlock code when prompted.

Will a plateau SIM card work on an iphone?

yes a plateau sim card will work on the iphone all you have to do is go to plateau and have them unlock it.

How can you unlock nokia 5130 memory card password if you have forget the password?


How do you unlock a simple mobile SIM card?

You can unlock your sim card in a few different ways. Using an unlock code is the safest way to do this. Contact your service provider or any online vendor and they will deliver you an unlock code through the mail with complete instructions.

Unlock code for the tt v11 dual sim phone?

The unlock code for the TTV11 dual sim card can only be availed after making payment to certain service providers. The Sim-unlock website is one of the providers that offers the unlock code.

How do you SIM unlock password for samsung sgh C 145?

my mobile is lock now i dont no password please give me

How do you unlock nokia 2690 memory card password?

Use the memory card and connect it to a computer, then access the files within your card that contain your current password. Then using this password you can unlock your nokia 2690 and either keep using your recovered password or change it to a new one

Unlock password for Nokia 5310 exress music?

If you need sim unlock password for your Nokia 5310 Xpress music mobile phone,I would suggest you to get an unlock code from at reasonable price.

On a BlackBerry 9360 can you use any sim card?

no you have to unlock first

How do you unlock samsung champ when you forgot the password?

To unlock the Samsung Champ when you have forgotten the password, you must do a hard reset of the phone. Remove both the sim and memory card from the phone. Then turn the phone back on and dial 27673855#. This will reset the phone, and once done the phone will restart.

How do you unlock a SIM card for a cell phone?

the answer is usually on the back of your sim card if you do 10 rong attempts at the code it will be locked forever like mine!