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The key is to get your rank up and do all the missions.

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Q: How do you unlock all people on Naruto arena?
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Naruto arena cheat engine cheats to get all characters?

there are no cheats on naruto arena to unlock all characters figer this out

How do you get people in naruto-arena with out having to unlock then?

You have to do the missions in order to unlock characters. There are no cheats or hacks for Naruto-Arena. The people you see using Atkatsuki members as Academy Students are players who reset their accounts, which deletes all previous matches and resets you rank, but you keep your characters.

How can you get all the characters on Naruto arena using cheats or hacks?

you must first finish all missions and then you can unlock them!

How can unlock all character in Naruto arena?

i found a difficult code on naruto arena to unlock all characters but it requires you to have orochimaru on your team orochimaru has the easiest code to use my n-a user is pranksta and i can get you all characters i promise i wont hack your account i already have all characters just pm me. Hello my username is:assholl password:Number1asskicker Please unlock all characters please

How do you unlock Hokages in naruto-arena?

LEVEL UP UNTIL I DON'T KNOW WHAT Rank then do all the missions then u get the kage's

How to get every character on naruto-arena?

To earn all of the characters on Naruto Arena, you must complete all the missions.

Will someone with almost all the chars. on naruto arena get unlock them 4 me and i will do something for you?

ill do it wat pw +username ill help u

How do you unlock all characters in soul arena?

do quest.....But i saw people using cheats to unlock, but i dont know how...

How do you download Naruto arena?

You don't download Naruto-Arena - it's an online game. All you have to do is register online and you have access to the game.

Does winning private battles do anything on naruto arena?

yes if u win alot of them u might unlock new charecters i play it on my ps3 all the time!

Why do genin in naruto arena have karin?

some people on naruto arena reset their accounts due to the amount of losses they have ie 17-82 but they still keep all their characters unlocks, ive seen a academy student will naruto (s) and curse seal sasuke lol

How do you unock everything in Naruto Rise of a ninja?

You hav to defeat all the people and finish everything to unlock everything.You can unlock some acheivements.