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If you finish the Subspace Emissary, you'll have most of the characters, except for Wolf and Toon Link. To unlock Toon Link, you'll have to complete the forest on hard with Link. To unlock Wolf, get through the ruins and beat Wolf.

You can also unlock all the characters after playing a lot of brawls.

There are also a lot of other challenges to unlock characters by playing Classic on various difficulties and playing Target Smash on various difficulties.

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Q: How do you unlock all ssbb charachters?
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How do you unlock All-Star mode in SSBB?

You simply unlock all characters.

What are all the characters you unlock and how to unlock them in SSBB?

I have all the characters but can't remember all the ones you can unlock but you can unlock all of them in SSE

How do you unlock wwe11 charachters?


How do you unlock bomberman in ssbb?

he is not a playable character in ssbb

How do you unlock all ssbb bosses to use?

That's not possible.

How do you unlock porky in SSBB?

There are no looney tunes characters on SSBB.

How do you unlock Nero on ssbb?

This character doesn't exist in ssbb.

How do you unlock smashvillein ssbb?


Can you unlock silver in ssbb?


Why is shadow not in ssbb?

he is as an assit trophy, all you need to do is unlock sonic

How do you unlock Megaman in ssbb?

he's not a character in ssbb so you can't get him

How do you unlock Roy in the old Super Smash Bros.?

When you get ssbb and have a N64 with ssb for it,unlock marth on ssbb with ssb on then you will unlock marth on ssb if ssb is on and marth has won a vs match on ssbb ,finnaly clear classic with marth on ssb and you will unlock roy on ssb&ssbb.

How do you unlock iCarly in ssbb?

you don't.

How do you unlock Tabuu on ssbb?

no you can not but as a trophy

How do you unlock Darkrai in ssbb?

He isn't in there

How do you unlock toad on ssbb?

you cant

How do you unlock knuckles in ssbb?

You cant.

How do you unlock mephiles in ssbb?

He's not in it.

How do you unlock Sonic in SSBM?

you can only unlock him in ssbb but if you have ssbb heres how to unlock him: beat classic mode 10 times but he does not just join you after you do this after you do this you have to beat him

How do you unlock leon Scott on ssbb?

Leon Scott doesn't exist in ssbb.

Can you unlock sonic in SSBM?

You can't, you can only unlock him in SSBB.

How do you unlock Darkrai on ssbb?

He is a trophy that u unlock, not a character.

How do you unlock birdo in ssbb?

after you unlock all the 35 characters play the allstar mode and you can unlock birdo trophy by clear it on hard mode

How do you unlock all ssbb charicters?

you can unlock them all by compleating the challenges (you can view them by going to the challenge menu) and beating the game on story then you should have them all.

Unlock shadow in ssbb?

He appears as an assist trophy when you unlock Sonic.