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Play a fatal 4 way king of the ring tournament with triple h in normal mode.when you win it,you can play all type of matches.

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Q: How do you unlock battle royal match in WWE raw?
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How do you unlock a casket match for smackdown vs raw 2011?

on wwe 2010 how do you unlock casket match

Who will be in the 40 man royal rumble match WWE?

All WWE superstars.

How do you unlock steel cage match on WWE raw PC game?

you just unlock it

How do you unlock a steel cage match on WWE raw?

wwe raw 2012 ultimate inpact unlock steelcage match?

Who won WWE royal rumble 1995?

Shawn Michaels was the winner of the 1995 Royal Rumble match. There were 30 competitors who fought in a over the top rope battle royal. Shawn entered at no.1 spot and stayed on and eliminated everyone else to win the match

How do you unlock everyone in WWE 12?

Arn Anderson: Complete Royal Rumble match in Villain StoryBooker T: Complete Hero Story match, when Booker T appears, during your match with Husky HarrisBrock Lesnar: Win the first one-on-one match in WWE UniverseDemolition: Win the WWE Tag Team Championship in WWE UniverseEddie Guerrero: Complete Hero Story match as Eddie, defeating Rey MysterioEdge: Complete the battle royal in Villain StoryGoldust: Complete a singles match with Cody Rhodes in WWE UniverseKevin Nash: Complete Outsider Story match, after meeting him in the locker roomMichelle McCool: Win Divas Championship in WWE UniverseMr. McMahon: Complete Hero StoryRicky "The Dragon" Steamboat: Complete Royal Rumble match in Hero StoryStone Cold Steve Austin: Start in Outsider StoryThe Road Warriors: Complete Hero Story match, as Animal appears during your match with Kofi KingstonVader: Defeat Vader, following your match with Tyson Kidd in Hero Story

Who won WWE royal rumble match 2013?

John Cena

Who will win the 2009 WWE royal rumble match?

Randy Orton

Will the rock come back to WWE to wrestle?

Yes. He will be in a WWE Championship match at Royal Rumble in January.

Wwe raw total edition how to unlock cage match?

i dont now

How do you unlock TLC match of WWE raw ultimate impact 2010?


Wwe will the godfather return?

Yes, he will return at the royal rumble match 2013.