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There is no General Manager Mode on WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009.


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Is there a general manger mode in legends of wrestlemaina the ps3 game?

GM mode means General Manager Mode

yes there is a general manager mode including the legends and ECW

It Is Not. I Assumed It Is Popular But I Cannot Understand Why They Got Rid Of It.:(

go to game mode then go to general manager mode. then you can decide wether to start a new GM mode or continue the one you have previously started.

You go to manager mode, get some money and unlock the teams by buying them.

No, the General Manager Mode will not be included in WWE '12.

yes there are some you can unlock on history mode

You must play a season on Manager mode and qualify first. whitlock.

Go To Your Computer In Your Locker Room And Go To WWESHOP and Click On Unlockables Note:You Must Achieve Goals To Unlock Certain Legends

sadly you cannot. you can use the create mode to create a model of him but to my knowledge you can't unlock him.

To unlock Ace mode, you have to complete the hard mode in the campaign, and only after that can you play in ace mode. By finishing hard mode you also unlock the SP mission.

you cant unlock stages in party mode you can unlock stages by playing story mode

u have to get in the top 4 i think in manager mode and than qualify for the ecc. hope it hepls!!!!!!!

there is none because he isn't a playable character, but he is a non-playable manager in career mode

You will unlock Survival Mode after completing Adventure Mode for the first time.

You can't go from player to manager on career mode. The only way you can be manager is by playing on manager mode.

you buy a court pass to unlock them in the exhibition mode, i don't think they have any impact in the career mode.

You have to beat 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc to be able to unlock mirror mode.

You unlock prestige mode when you reach level 70 when playing on Multiplayer. To unlock it you head into the barracks and select prestige mode.

You have to complete level 3-2 of Adventure Mode to unlock Minigame Mode.

you must assign him to a team before you start your manager mode, if you do it after you start your manager mode it doesnt work

you have to unlock him using the road to wrestlemania mode i think if not when you select him as a manager if u have 360 hold right bumper then one of the taunts i dont know which one

beat cm punk story mode missions on road to wrestlemania.

after you unlock all the 35 characters play the allstar mode and you can unlock birdo trophy by clear it on hard mode

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