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click play now and when it comes up with log in there is somthing what

says unlock items online and then log in and it will

say book or code and you will click book and then type it in the code

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โˆ™ 2011-02-09 20:14:44
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Q: How do you unlock items on club penguin with special book?
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What does the code treasure unlock?

The codes unlock a treasure book. You can get special items that you can't get in the regular Club Penguin Catalog.

How do you unlock items in the treasure book in club penguin?

You have to have a toy code. Type it in the unlock items part and you will be in the treasure book.

How do you unlock items with a book on club penguin?

by having a club penguin book and throughout the book there will be codes

How many unlock items can you get if you have the unlock items book on club penguin?

Only 2 but you get 1500 dollars extra!

What is the club penguin unlock items online Code to get Shadow Guy's costume?

unlock it i have book

What are the codes to unlock items with code on club penguin?

There are many codes on club penguin. Most of them unlock books and coins, and some unlock the treasure book, which is where you can unlock different rare clothing items. My suggestion is to look on google if you wanna get a book code. Book codes, only unlock the blue book and coins.

Find the blue book on club penguin and how do you unlock it?

find the blue book by going onto unlock items online on club penguin then click on i have a book then click on the stoaway then answer the question if you have the book if you don't have the book get it

Unlock items for club penguin for the book secret angent hand book?

I want the answer for unlock Secret Agent Handbook pls.

How many items do you unlock with a club penguin code?

It depends. If the code unlocks the "Treasure Book", you can unlock usually 2-5 items.

How do you get the book on Club Penguin?

to get the special book you must go to unlock items then clik on i have a book hen click on any must now get the answer for the qusetion.some are on straw000 cheat site. mnbvrulez

How can you unlock and get items in the treasure book from club penguin?

you just need a toy code!

What can you do with the Club Penguin Blue Book?

This "Club Penguin Blue Book" that you are talking about, is not something on Club Penguin, you may have mistaken it for the "Treasure Book", it is a common mistake. In the Club Penguin Treasure Book lies rare old and exclusive clothing and items, that are only avaiable now in that book. As you may see them in the catalog, there are many other items that can be unlocked. To access the Treasure Book, you will need a special code from a Club Penguin game, toy or book. Note: Not all Club Penguin games, toys and books inculde a special code that unlock the Treasure Book. Sometimes, you will receive a couple cool items with some coins.

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